Don’t Miss when Visiting Israel

Why you should visit Israel?

Israel may be a relatively young country — it celebrated its 70 years as an independent state in 2018 — but its rich, centuries-long history has shaped what it is now.

Every country is unique in its own way. However, Israel is particularly (and curiously) distinctive because it is the world’s only Jewish country that is home to numerous sites sacred to the three major religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — which you cannot find nowhere else. While these historic and holy sites are the main reason why people flock to this country, there is more to Israel than that.

The country may be small — at 8,019 square miles, this Middle Eastern country is even smaller than the US state of New Jersey — but its geographical and natural wonders are rich and diversified. Alluring Mediterranean beaches, numerous hiking trails that lead to breathtaking vistas of the valleys, several natural parks, wondrous diving sites, and exotic deserts. On winter months you can even ski down the slopes of Mount Hernon!

Israel is also a democratic state whose religious and cultural pluralism is highly valued. It’s possibly the only country that caters to both devout pilgrims and wild party seekers!

Art and history lovers will enjoy several field days soaking up the country’s rich history and vibrant arts scene.

Despite being a small country, Israel will beckon nature lovers and adventure-seekers with its plethora of unique natural and geographical wonders. These include beautiful deserts with amazing rock formations; lush green slopes; numerous natural falls, streams, and lakes; tall, imposing cliffs and mountains; and colorful and diverse marine life. Israel is home to the world’s lowest point — the Dead Sea (at 400 meters below sea level), which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Jerusalem, Israel’s capital and largest city, is the holiest city in the world — that is, holy for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Jerusalem’s Old City is home to the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

a city at night

Tel Aviv, the country’s second largest city, is considered the “coolest city” in the Mediterranean. It is also the country’s economic and technical hub. Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps! You can find a wide variety of activities and sights to see there — diversified culture, exotic beaches, great food, fun events, pulsating nightlife scene, and a lot more. Plus, several reports (and even the tourists themselves) have reported that the people of Tel Aviv are the most beautiful in the world. So, are you looking for the Miss World of your life or your next Prince Charming? You might as well find your match in Tel Aviv!

Beyond Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, there is so much more to discover in the further regions like the Galilee and the Golan.

In order to simplify your planning and to provide some of our insider knowledge we have prepared some lists of 10 Things not to be Missed in…..Obviously there are many other significant places that are worth visiting; but these guides are designed to help you make the most of a short period of time, or to prioritise on  a longer trip and also to get some sense of the different areas of Israel.

They are organized regionally, and we haven’t limited ourselves to just 10.

Here are the main Not to be Missed lists

We have also included our personal favorites; the places that we try to visit whenever we are in the area and always send our families, friends and readers to visit.