5 Spice Types Exactly for your Health

Spices that add different flavors to your meals are among the indispensables of Turkish spices. For example, cloves, turmeric and cinnamon are said to be stronger than blueberries in terms of antioxidant properties. Spices are also the enemy of overweight. It has been observed that spices, which are rich in nutritional value, accelerate metabolism and enable calories to be burned without storage, thanks to their regulating effect on blood sugar. Details on the 5 leading spices are below.

Red pepper: Not only does it burn your mouth; it warms your body and helps you burn fat by accelerating your metabolism. A study has shown that people who consume red pepper snacks eat 15% less food. Red pepper, which you think is harmful to your stomach, actually heals stomach tissues, stimulates digestive enzymes and helps prevent stomach ulcers. In addition, red pepper has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels and prevent harmful blood clots from forming. In this way, it has been stated that it reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke. We can say that it is a medicinal food for many health problems from headache to muscle pain.

Clove: In addition to its unique aromatic scent, it is also a natural medicine. It is stated that clove, which is effective against infections, alleviates digestive problems and is effective against inflammatory joint pain. Cloves are widely used to relieve tooth and gum pain. It has been proven as a result of various studies that clove has the highest antioxidant level among all spice and herb varieties. It is stated that clove, which is known to be effective on harmful bacteria, has a healing effect when applied to abrasions, cuts and bruises in the body.

In addition to all these, it has been observed that it helps digestive problems such as gas, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, while also eliminating harmful parasites, bacteria and fungi in the digestive system. It is also stated that the clove scent triggers creativity.

Cumin: One of the spices with high antioxidant value, cumin is known for its positive effects on the digestive system. It triggers the enzymes secreted by the gallbladder and pancreas to break down the nutrients taken into the body. It is also stated that it has positive effects on ailments such as asthma and bronchitis. There are studies showing that it balances the fat ratio in the body by preventing weight gain while helping to keep blood sugar in balance. Cumin, whose effects on the immune system are known, is a very good source of iron, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Rosemary: Known for its antioxidant properties, rosemary is known to increase concentration, strengthen memory and have positive effects against depression. It is also stated that it facilitates digestion and protects your body against cancer while strengthening the immune system. Rosemary is known to protect the body against harmful carcinogenic toxins and prevent colon, stomach, breast and lung cancers. At the same time, rosemary is very useful for asthma, chest congestion and respiratory tract infection problems.

Thyme: It is shown in various sources that thyme was used in the treatment of bronchitis, sore throat, chest congestion and asthma in ancient times. The highly effective thyme takes its place among the components of throat lozenges and mouthwashes. It is known that thyme, which is also very useful for the digestive system, has a calming effect on problems such as gastritis, indigestion and abdominal pain caused by the intestines. In addition to all these, it is reported that it has positive effects on cancer and Alzheimer’s patients. It has been observed that thyme has positive effects on people with sleep problems, nightmares and depression complaints.

As you can see, while you create wonderful flavors in your kitchen with various spices, you also make a great contribution to your health. Thanks to the spices consumed at the decision, perhaps the risk of many diseases is eliminated before they come to light. Do not miss the spices, which are gifts of nature to us, from your kitchen.