5 Things Wedding Guest Don’t Care About

Pressure, pressure, pressure…

That’s synonymous with pulling a wedding party together. You don’t want to leave anything out of the picture.

But the thing is not everything you spend your money on matters.

And in today’s episode, I will show you 7 things wedding guests don’t care about in the least.

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So…let’s get to the main thing.

Envelope Calligraphy

The average cost of just one envelope addressing goes for $6. So, suppose you have 100 guests receiving your calligraphed envelope, you’d be spending $600. Imagine…and that is just for an envelope that ends up in the trash on arrival. Yes, your guests won’t tell you but not everyone loves making their home or shelves a mortuary of dead papers no matter how precious your calligraphed envelopes are to you. To cut the needless spending, how about diverting your $600 on something that can be used even after the wedding?

Fancy CenterPieces

The other day on Reddit, Slothcough (a Reddit user) ranted about his awful experience with some giant bouquets of flowers at a wedding party. He said; “at first, those giant bouquets were all lined up the aisle, blocking the guests from having a perfect view of the couple as they walk down the aisle. Afterward, those same bouquets were made centerpieces for all the tables, blocking the view of anyone across you from the table so guests chatting was like communication from behind the fence”. Even if you must use a centerpiece, go for something small and with fewer flowers that won’t end up in your guests’ food.

How The Foods Are Served

This doesn’t matter at all. The main point is rather how tasty your food is and how hygienic the serving process is. Yes, read that again because your guests won’t remember your expensive serving plates shipped all the way from China for long. As long as your plates and cutleries are sturdy and no one is asking for the fourth replacement spoon for a broken plastic spoon. Also, while you may be all bent on splashing out on a fancy plated food service, the basic buffet spread will not only save you that money but your guests are able to pick what they want in the quantity that they can finish.

A First Dance, Choreographed

If your wedding plan is already a busy one and you’re looking to cut away some of the needless wedding activities, that choreographed first dance isn’t at all dear to your guests after all. It’s an old cliche that party-goers are already unsubscribing away from all those YouTube channels with their Micheal Jackson couple first dance videos. I’d rather watch cat videos.

Wedding Favors

The earliest wedding favors date as far back as the 16th century where couples give out flowery ribbons tied into a love-knot to their guests as a representation of their love bond. This tradition has grown into a rather expensive one today where couples have to spend a dollar each on a trinket. Don’t blame your guests when they leave your trinket on the table, they are just trying as hard to not multiply their household junks removal bills.