6 Reasons Why Any Photography Student Should Visit Israel

First of all, everyone should visit Israel at least once in a lifetime. It is a beautiful and versatile country that has so much to offer.

It is especially significant for photography students, as it has a variety of geographical, historic, and cultural locations that cannot be found anywhere else.

So, await opening borders, and if this happens midterm – don’t worry. Delegate the tasks to the professionals from Essay Pro, grab your camera, and go to Israel! Below you will find the list of the main reasons why any photography student should travel there.


Not only is it the capital of the three world’s religions, but it is also thousands of years old city with a magnificent history.

Many tourists visit it as the holiest city, but even if you are not religious, there are lots of places to see. Start from the Old City that is an outstanding place for some photoshoots.

The narrow old streets provide excellent light and dark contrast. And the old brick walls offer reflections that can be used for inspiring pictures.

In itself, the Old City is a perfect spot to catch life scenes, capture history, and explore. But Jerusalem doesn’t end there; you can visit Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, and many other highlights.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan and is the lowest elevation on Earth. It is a salted body of water where you can only float, but not swim. It is known for its healing powers, and many cosmetic products come from here.

Still, as a photographer, you are probably more interested in the unique magnificent landscape. It offers truly outstanding opportunities to try something new.

Tel Aviv

For those who want to capture nightlife, Tel Aviv is a perfect city. It is a booming place with many attractions, beaches, and splendid culture. It has great places to visit, amazing food, and many open people.

Here you can explore and capture local cultural sights, like an international design museum, street markets, fashion week, or one of the local festivals. If you are interested in shooting people and social life, it is a place to go.

Negev Desert

This pick is for those who are most interested in nature. Negev Desert is not like Sahara; you will not find dunes here. But it has a beauty of its own. There are a lot of canyons, rocks, and the landscape itself is unique.

This is a truly astonishing place to visit. And it offers amazing opportunities to photo enthusiasts to capture nature, play with light contrast, and shoot unique scenery.

Of course, it is still a desert, so be sure to dress appropriately and plan a visit in advance to pick the temperature that is more comfortable for you. Luckily, Israel is an all-year-round destination, and you can visit it in winter too.


Galilee region in the North of Israel is known for blooming greenery, rural villages, and agriculture. So, as soon as you are done with the desert, you can explore the green hills of Galilee.

It is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The Western Galilee hosts the Mediterranean coast, so you can enjoy some time on the beach. There are also historical places that look amazing on photos, such as Akko’s Old City.

One can also visit Rosh HaNikra with its underground caves and grottoes. And, of course, one of the main attractions is Keshet Cave, also known as Rainbow Cave. Overall, Galilee is a picturesque place with dramatic landscapes and a lot of greenery, which are just made for being captured.

On the Last Note: It Can Be Done Quickly

Israel is quite a small country. Still, there are many amazing places it has to offer. You can party in Tel Aviv, see the desert, float in the Dead Sea, or walk around gardens in a week. Some even say that it is possible to do all this faster. But good photography takes time, so there is really no need to rush.

To get inspiration, you can see the pictures other photographers have made in Israel. There is so much to explore that every professional can find their unique voice and make truly outstanding pictures.

In Summary

Israel is a magnificent country, especially when the person planning to visit it is a photography student. It has a long history, heritage, and rich culture.  When you have some down time, be sure to enjoy a great option like mega888.

You will find beaches, sea views, a desert, gardens, grottoes, and much more there. Some even argue that no other country can offer so many astonishing and original landscapes for photography.