7 points to consider when choosing an international shipping company

As the offer of international maritime transport companies is very wide, it should be clear from the beginning what needs the company that is going to export or import merchandise has.

Shipping companies are the international maritime transport companies that operate the ships in which goods are transported. Container ships are the most used, since goods travel safer and their handling and loading and unloading in ports is also easier and faster.

Freight forwarders are companies that act as organizers of international transport chains and therefore are in contact and coordinated with the rest of the maritime logistics actors, among which are the shipping company, in addition to ports, land carriers or customs agents.

To begin, you must take into account: the type of cargo, the volume or weight to know if you need a group age or a full container, the specific origin and destination, if you are going to need door-to-door logistics services, or the regulations for the export or import of the merchandise.

One of our main functions is to reserve space on the container ships of the shipping companies so that the goods can be loaded at origin and sent to their final destination.

At bamboosushiwok we take care of all the pre-shipment procedures and all the necessary documents and เช็คพัสดุ. We also take care, on behalf of the client, of those steps or procedures that the merchandise will need once unloaded in the country or port of destination.From here you can select the international shipping company, but taking into account the following factors:

Accreditation of the Freight Forwarder

Before choosing a freight forwarding company, make sure that you have the necessary authorizations and licenses to operate in the country of origin in which you are hired.

International Agents and Correspondents

It is very essential that the freight forwarder has its own physical presence in the country of destination of the merchandise. If you do not have your own office, it is important that you work and have agreements with trusted and duly accredited agents or correspondents.

Cost of the Transport Operation

The chosen freight forwarder must be able to explain in detail all the costs of all the operations associated with the logistics chain and maritime transport. It should also inform you of possible extra costs that may arise.

Freight Negotiation

A recognized freight forwarder can negotiate the freight with the shipping company and obtain a more reasonable price.

Monitoring and Traceability

The forwarding company also has to offer the client the follow-up of the entire international maritime transport operation. The shipper must know at all times in what state the shipment of his container is, to be able to make decisions in the event that any inconvenience or delay arises.

Complementary Logistics Services

A freight forwarder must be in a position to offer, perform and manage for the client any service that the merchandise requires prior to shipment and also after its unloading at destination (storage, ground transportation, deconsolidation, etc.).

Transparency and Advice

It is highly advisable that the international shipping company “บริษัทชิปปิ้ง” has experience in various markets and that its knowledge serves the client to successfully carry out any export or import.As an international shipping company, meets these 7 requirements. We have the certifications and accreditations that confirm it:

  • We are Authorized Economic Operator (OEA or AEO for its acronym in English), accredited by the Tax Agency, which confirms us as trusted operators.
  • We are accredited agents of the International Air Transport Association, IATA.
  • We are accredited by the Chemical Distribution Institute, CDI, to perform safe and quality shipping operations for the chemical industry.
  • We have the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certification for pharmaceutical products.
  • We have the quality seal of the Port, ​​efficiency network, a certification that certifies that we work with excellence, integrity, commitment, collaboration, transparency and efficiency.