CBD Flower Strains Are Trending Amongst Millennials, and Here’s Why

Some may say good things about them, like their spoilt, their obnoxious, entitled, and full of themselves, while others may say good things about them, like they’re progressive, kind, and compassionate, not to mention innovative problem solvers. But that’s not our concern with this write-up up today. We’re here to discuss why the advent of Cannabis has become so popular amongst them and the trend just keeps on growing.

Perhaps if it wasn’t for them, this sector may never have existed or become as large as it is now in the 21st century. Many people have tried and failed at industrializing the hemp plant or the extract CBD and all its many formats, click here now. These CBD Flower strains have taken over very widely and very quickly, and many have related it to the millennials. Let’s look at why this gap between generation X and generation Y is to ‘blame’ for this. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 and of the ages of 23 to 38 in 2019, is considered a part of this group.

Larger Than Any Other Population

That’s right, they’re considered the largest group of population size in comparison to the likes of baby boomers who were considered the largest in their time, between the years of 1946 and 1964. According to research, it seems that the negative stereotype that has been attached to them only reflects a small group and not the entirety of the generation https://www.kasasa.com/articles/generations/gen-x-gen-y-gen-z, and this small percentage does not determine the results of the positive changes that the millennials have been making.

Saying that only one group of people are easily offended or entitled and lazy is to say that all generations are the same. One cannot judge a small group, as emotions such as these are universal. In any case, let’s look at the majority percentage that does good for society, shall we?

Many things they have done have made a difference and although the list is endless, some of the important changes that have been brought about are societal issues such as ethnic and racial diversity, equal rights, women’s progressions, and civil liberties, to name a few. Women who belong to this group have a higher attraction to join the labor workforce in comparison to previous cohorts.

The Option of Low to None-THC

Now you’re probably wondering what millennials have to do with this, but hear us out. One of the most popular formats of the plant is the smokable CBD flower strains. There are so many, well, there are now, so many more than they ever were before. This is due to the various experimental trials and mixes that millennials have begun to partake in.

If it wasn’t for these hundred different strains and brands of the flower buds, the US or European countries would not be making it’s billions in reviews every year since they were legalized via the Farm Bill, which, to be mentioned is now part of a specific set of farmers that are allowed to grow it for medicinal and recreational uses. When has that ever happened in any century? Until now it was labeled a schedule 1 drug, which in most parts of the world it still is. But having this freedom to be able to now manufacture and sell it, has played a part in this generation as well.

Convincing people to smoke, but only the non-toxic stuff, is a brilliant move. The main aim of the Farm Bill is to make sure the THC levels stay below 0.3%, making it a non-psychoactive component to use recreationally. This means people have the option of not getting high, unlike previous generations who preferred the high, and simultaneously reaping the health benefits of it, which is another discussion on how the millennials have added an immense amount of research to this sector alone.

If you do want a taste of it, there are various articles, scientifically proven, added to the internet that you can turn into your Sunday reading. Things such as providing a sense of relaxation, acting an anti-inflammatory compound, and helping with depression, addiction, and anxiety are all on the list of the tried and tested results. Which we can also add giving credit to this generation for.