Does Water Softeners Really Work? Let’s Find Out

In case you are wondering if water softeners work, yes they do. Water softeners are a filtering device that is used to prevent water from hard minerals like calcium and magnesium, this is why you need a water softener solutions.

It is necessary and advisable to have a full house water filtration system, their installation is quite easy and you can even install them yourself, there are different types of water softeners you can go for, so you don’t necessarily need to get an expensive one above your budget.

Water softening is the method of extracting dissolved calcium and magnesium salts that cause water to be hard.

Hard water is when the water has a high quantity of minerals like calcium and magnesium absorbed into it, this is why a water softener is needed to remove these minerals from the water as the presence of these minerals has some disadvantages.

Why you need a water softener

The reason why you need a water softener cannot be overemphasized, any trace of mineral hardness in water should not be taken lightly, and you should get a water softener solution as soon as possible, if hard water continues to flow through your pipes, it will start to slow down your water flow rate and starts to have effects on your pipe. It is your choice to make if you want to soften your water or not, it all depends on how seriously you take the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of water softener solutions.

Advantages of water softeners

  • Soft water is more comfortable to bathe with for some people, most people complain of itching when they use hard water to bathe
  • Softened water increases the lifespan of your pipes and appliances by removing the build-up of scales
  • When your water is softened they allow your detergents and soaps to work more effectively as hard water affects soaps also
  • It removes calcium and magnesium from water

Disadvantages of water softeners

  • It requires occasional servicing and constant salt input
  • They contain sodium that can cause problems in your septic systems
  • Soft water might be slippery for some people

Benefits of water softener solution

Soft water has a lot of benefits, including health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of water softener solutions

  • It will prolong your appliances’ life span because the build-up of hard water affects your pipes and water flow appliances.
  • When soaps and detergents are mixed with hard water it most times reduces its functionality and effectiveness but soft water would make them more effective and you won’t always need to use a large quantity of the soaps and detergents. 
  • Soft water makes your skin and hair softer, most people complain hard water causes itching for them, soft water wouldn’t.
  • Hard water usually leaves behind a cloudy residue, soft water doesn’t so you can be sure you don’t need to battle with cleaning up surfaces every time.

You can now decide to choose whether to go for a water softener solution or not.