How do I update the bet 99 app?

The bet99 mobile app is updated regularly. The player will have no problems running the software on smartphones and tablets.

How to get the latest version of the app

Players will find the latest version of the app for Android and iPhone on and on the official website. The software is also distributed through third-party web portals. However, even the operator itself does not recommend trusting unfamiliar sources. The original configuration of the app is published only on the bookmaker’s brand website.

The mobile app replicates the design of the website but changes the interface slightly. The user will not see too many sections, pages, or tabs. The bettor immediately gets to the live betting line. Events appear in front of the user, which is arranged in chronological order. It makes it easy to find a match for a quick bet.

Downloading the app is open even to casual guests. Registration is not necessary at all. A visitor can create a profile after downloading the software to his smartphone. By the way, a similar version can be installed on any tablet computer.

The program corresponds to all modern trends. It is because the administration carries out updates on an almost weekly basis. Therefore, the player will not have any difficulty in running the betting club on flagship smartphones and with the current version of the operating system.

What players will find in the new app

A lot of interesting things await the user. The operator is not redesigning, but it is actively developing its sports line. Already today bet99 offers more than 30 sports destinations. The administration has prepared a detailed description of each discipline.

Modernization also refers to technical nuances. The first version of the application was not so positively assessed. The software was overloading the battery and leading to a rapid discharge of the battery. The new configuration is free of these drawbacks.

The user will play within the online club without any time limit. Even a gaming session of a few hours is easy to implement through a weak smartphone. The app does not require a lot of RAM and consumes minimal power.

The color tones have changed slightly. The user does not have to stare at the screen during sunny or cloudy weather. The color scheme has been chosen so that there is no need to add brightness and again strain the battery of the mobile device.

The gambler registers sports bets via the app in literally two clicks. A convenient form appears in front of the visitor. All that needs to be done is to select the outcome, specify the amount of the bet and confirm the registration.

The registered bets are displayed in a separate menu. The player goes to this tab with one click. It is possible to create several single bets in the app and to follow the status of each one with notifications.