Learning Life Lessons from Playing Games

Video games impact a child in many ways; it not only improves hand-eye coordination but teaches lessons about love and war, lasting bonds. The games develop the skills and impart lessons, which become handy in the future life, to enhance the persona, independence and entrepreneurship in the kid. A game aims to achieve the goal of going through all the hardship, and challenges, going beyond your comfort zone, the current set of skills. Every stumble, every challenge, becomes an opportunity to show your grit and determination. You acquire new skills, while gaming; it is more of a fun, than a burden.


It would be best if you had firm determination and perseverance to complete the daunting assignments of a game, to move bravely through the difficult stages. To reach the apex, you need patience and fortitude; do not get discouraged, even veteran gamers to time to learn the tricks and skills. Key to getting through the critical phase is to remain calm, and keep moving in spite of the pain, bitterness, and frustration. Procrastination is not the answer, at the end of the tunnel, sweet satisfaction and joy of accomplishment await you.

Practice makes better

The grit, the determination to practice a skill, is about knowing the basics, grasping the techniques. Perfection is relative, illusionary, practice horns the talent, as it not only gives you an edge, but also makes you better at something, both in and off the field. Getting stuck in a rut is disgraceful, problems are not solved themselves, and you need to stand up with grace and determination to solve those issues both of game and life. Tackling a problem is not a smooth job but more rewarding than denying it. The situation slowly engulfs you; you have to know you are in prison before you break it.

Nothing ventured; nothing gain.

Risk and reward are interrelated, closely associated. You miss your target entirely if you do not shoot. If you shoot you hit some, you miss some; it is true in the game of life, and of field or computer. No matter where you stand in life, to taste the success, you must take some risk. Taking risk is not synonymous to recklessness; repeated practice is the best way to develop the acumen when it is good to take a risk, and when better to pass it off.


Working on a team can be beneficial or detrimental when every team member plays his role perfectly; the job is done. If the members ignore their ego and sense of self, then the assignment is achieved. Sports teach you to take failure and success in the same strides on both micro and overall level. No matter what game you are laying, you will be a sportsman if you learn to make a success with humility and defeat with dignity. Sometimes your best effort does not pay, and every play will not be played in your way. You will find many interesting, alluring game in poker online, which teaches many life lessons most funnily.