Israel’s Olympic History

Israel’s Olympic

Israel has made significant strides in technology but isn’t exactly known in the field of sports. However, Israel has made its citizens proud with spectacular athletic feats in the last few years, especially in the recently concluded 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Israel’s Olympic history has its share of tough challenges … Read more

How Israel Helps in Saving the World

israel flag

Israel has definitely gone a long way since it declared its independence in 1948. It has grown to become a strong, prosperous, and powerful nation today. We all know the story of Israel as a startup nation, with its incredible innovation and technical feats spreading to great lengths. Or Israel as having … Read more

Introduction to the Israel Defense Forces

Israel Defense Forces

If your country is surrounded by bigger and more powerful enemies, who have constantly been threatening your national security for many years with wars, conflicts, and terrorism, what would you do? Would you do nothing and die? Or would you stand up and defend yourself, your country, and your people? Here’s your … Read more

The Canaan Dog – The National Dog of Israel

The Canaan Dog

Love living with a dog? You may choose the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, German shepherd, bulldog, poodle, or Chihuahua. You might have also known the Canaan dog, Israel’s national dog. It may not top the polls of the world’s most popular dog breeds, owing to its rarity. Indeed, the Canaan dog is … Read more

Museum of Underground Prisoners

Museum of Underground Prisoners

With over 200 museums, Israel is one of the countries with the highest number of museums per capita in the world. And Jerusalem is always a great place to start to go museum-hopping. While Jerusalem is home to Israel Museum, one of the world’s leading museums, remember that the city has other … Read more

War of Attrition

War of Attrition

The War of Attrition refers to an inconclusive armed conflict between Israel and Egypt (and, to a lesser extent, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and their allies) from July 1967 to August 1970.  The Six-Day War in June 1967 left the Egyptians overwhelmed with great losses, both in their forces and their territories. In … Read more

Yom Kippur War – The War That Israel Almost Lost

Yom Kippur War

The Yom Kippur War was part of the long-standing Arab-Israeli conflict. It was fought between Israel and the coalition of the Arab nations from October 6 to October 25, 1973. It is also known as the “Ramadan War,” “October War,” and the “1973 Arab-Israeli War.” Hoping to avenge their severe and bitter … Read more

The Most Important Languages of Israel

Languages of Israel

Israel may be a small and young country, but you may be surprised to learn that its 9.3 million people are linguistically and culturally diverse. The country has a sizable population of immigrants, which explains the variety of ethnicities and languages. The country is a haven for persecuted Jews and has developed … Read more

The History of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) is Israel’s national orchestra. One of the oldest orchestras in Israel, it is highly regarded as a cultural institution in the country. The symphony orchestra performs at its home venue, the Heichal HaTarbut (also known as the Culture Palace, officially the Charles Bronfman Auditorium) in Tel Aviv. … Read more

The Endemic Flora of Israel

Judean iris in Israel

Israel’s small land is packed with stunning natural wonders. For now, let’s go to the plants. From parched deserts to lush forests to snow-covered mountains, Israel and its neighboring countries will surprise and dazzle you with various types of flora that you may not find anywhere else. At present, there are 2,867 … Read more