Periscope Has Been Disabled

Twitter recently announced that it would be shutting down Periscope. According to Periscope, this decision was made due to product realignment, declining usage, and the need to do away with app maintenance expenses. However, things may be a little bit confusing for Periscope users. Here is everything you need to know about Periscope being disabled and the reasons it is happening in the first place.

About Periscope

Periscope has been around for some time now. It was purchased by Twitter in 2015; since then, it has provided live video streaming services. Users could stream videos of various topics and share everything they want like recently founded free spiny bez depozytu. Even though it was one of the earliest broadcasting platforms, it is through the last couple of years that the platform has had massive growth. As a result, this led to the emergence of other apps and sites with similar services. Initially, Periscope received lots of attention and gained 10 million visitors just four months after its launch. What’s interesting, viewers could send “hearts” to the broadcaster when watching their videos to show appreciation.

Why Periscope Has Been Disabled

Earlier this year, Twitter announced discontinuing the mobile Periscope app. Neither Periscope nor Twitter confirmed the exact date when that would happen. For those who are wondering, the Android and iOS Periscope apps stopped working on 31 March 2021. In addition, the chance of creating new accounts will no longer be possible, as confirmed on a Twitter FAQ page. Users who were worried about their existing periscopes were then given a chance to download their broadcasts and related data before the deadline.

So, one question remains, why was Periscope disabled? Well, there are two explanations as to why this happened. For starters, Twitter added the ability to go live in 2016. If you think of it, this was one of the core functionality of Periscope.

Secondly, the cost of maintaining these two apps was high. For instance, some of the crucial features were already integrated into Twitter. Thus, the number of users in Periscope had decreased, but the cost had not reduced. Therefore, maintaining both apps was quite costly.

Disabling the Periscope is a vast development. This was done a few days after Twitter announced the purchase of Squad. The latter is a standalone app, which is designed for screen-sharing and video calls. It is expected that some of the functionalities in Squad will be added to twitter just as Periscope’s features were added.

The discontinuation of Periscope is simply a broader strategy by Twitter. If you look deeper into this case, Twitter simply has tried to streamline its services and capabilities. In the end, users will get an enhanced experience in one app instead of several applications. This will make Twitter a more convenient app for live streaming and video calls.

Other than that, Periscope has now been discontinued since March 2021, and its apps were deleted from Apple and Google Play Stores. However, if you want to watch its videos, then you can simply do so from Twitter since most of Periscope’s features have been integrated into the system.