UTE Canopy Versus Service Body

Are you torn between whether to go for UTE Service Bodies or UTE canopy?.

Or, possibly, you are not clear about the distinct usage of the two.

Well…UTE canopy is no more different than the service body.

Only that one is slightly lesser than the other.

UTE canopy is a cover made for your trucks. These canopies protect and provide room for storage.

Conversely, Service Body is a majorly commercial compartment mounted at the back of your trucks directly to the chassis.

Difference Between UTE Canopy and Service Body

  • Canopy is a cost-effective solution while the Service body requires a huge sum of money to fix.
  • UTE Can be used for work and recreation. It avails you space to store and remove your gears for other purposes. While a Service Body is permanently made for work. Nothing can be fitted into it apart from tools and gears that are possibly being provided for.
  • UTE canopy is not permanently mounted to your vehicle but Service Body is.
  • UTE canopy matches the vehicle body shape. While the Service body most times are not.
  • UTE Canopy has a lesser load capacity than a full-Service Body.
  • UTES canopy most times is not customizable and has less space to access inside. While on the other hand Service Body could be as big as you want it so far your truck will be able to move it.
  • UTE canopy has a smaller storage area on the roof and wouldn’t allow you to attach your ladders or other big types of equipment to the same. But it is a different case for Service bodies, they are made for holding big and sophisticated equipment.
  • A canopy cannot be transferred to a different brand of vehicle. But a service body can perfectly fit on any kind of truck with little to no adjustment at all.
  • UTE canopy can only be made for some specific kind of trade due to a lack of strength to hold large equipment. But the service body is fully customizable and can be used for any industry work.
  • UTE Canopy can not be easily accessible, unlike Service bodies that have large full-length side doors. This allows the driver to have instant access to all their gears without straining their back.
  • UTEs canopy cannot carry a large load but Service Body are specifically made to withstand larger load capacity.
  • UTEs canopy can be removed and disposed of when not in use but not the case for service bodies. The service body is made permanent and allows room for little modifications.

So, in making your choice about which amongst the two is to be attached or fixed to your trucks, you should consider some specifications and what their usage will be. Of which are the storage requirements needed, do you want your trucks to look professional or look just like normal trucks. The customization also should be considered. The commercial purpose or for recreational purpose.

This last paragraph is basically for a recap and to state the most important requirement to be considered before choosing either a canopy or a service body to be affixed to your truck.