Children’s Jerusalem Must Do Sites

Another great children’s (of almost all ages) activity is to do some of the fun sites – they are just a bit different from the regular tourist activities. However, they are really part of the essential Jerusalem – so both the family and your tourist conscience will both be happy.


The details are covered under Jerusalem sites – but here is a list of some places that will become your favorite!


Explore the Old City from above on the Old City Wall Tour – can you find the hidden stables? Children will love this attraction as it gives them the freedom to walk around (and even run in some areas) and enjoy great vistas. Still, though, they should be supervised as there are many stairs and high places where they can fall.

David’s Citadel – actually built by Suleiman and not by David – but great fun anyway! Its focus on inclusiveness means that all people — tourists and locals, adults and yes, children — will get to explore the complex and fascinating history of Jerusalem by going to time-capsule rooms decked with interactive displays. See Tower of David Museum

Four Quarter’s Make a Whole – Explore the rooftop lookout where the Four Quarters of Jerusalem meet. Try the Roof Top Walk. Don’t worry, because the Old City is not particularly tall. Climbing up to the flat roofs allows you to see the famous monuments from another perspective.

windmillWhy Doesn’t the Windmill Work? – Check out the famous windmill and touring coach and enjoy the view of the Old City Walls – Montefiore’s Windmill & Viewpoint. It was built and designed in 1857 as a flour mill. Now, it serves as a small museum dedicated to banker Moses Montefiore, whose efforts helped build this windmill.

Hezekiah’s Tunnel – The main attraction of the City of David, Hezekiah’s Tunnel will surely become the all-time favorite among families and kids! Get wet exploring underground water tunnels that saved ancient Jerusalem from the siege. See City of David & Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Biblical Zoo – No visit to Jerusalem for families with children will be complete without a visit to Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, or simply Biblical Zoo. Established in 1940, this zoo is unique in a way that it conserves species mentioned in Tanakh, or the Hebrew Bible, as well as other endangered species from all over the world. The zoo is also renowned for its active conservation efforts by breeding endangered species. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Israel.

Bloomfield Science Museum – Bloomfield Science Museum has something for everyone, thus making the perfect place for an educational and fun family outing in Jerusalem. It is located across the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Givat Ram neighborhood.

The museum offers both indoor and outdoor exhibits and displays. Many of these exhibits and displays are interactive, offering anyone to touch, experiment, and get involved in science in a fun way. One of the most popular exhibits is “Footprints of Lights” that allows guests a technology called “light writing,” which uses colored light beams. Families and kids can opt for guided tours or take part in workshops, science demos and interactive performances every Saturday.

Mini Israel – Kids (and kids at heart) are usually delighted by the sight of anything miniature, and thus, Mini Israel is another must-see place for them! It is located in Latrun, a hilltop village not a far drive away from Jerusalem. Mini Israel boasts life-like miniature models of almost all of Israel’s important historical landmarks. Most of these models are smaller than seven inches.

a building surrounded by a lake and trees
Jerusalem Botanical Garden

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens – Families with kids who love and appreciate plants and flowers will not want to miss out on a visit to Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. It boasts over 10,000 floral varieties that are collected not just from Israel, but also from several countries around the world. You and your kids will definitely want to hop in to the “flower train” that runs through the beautiful gardens every hour.

When they are through all this, then reward them with an ice cream or dinner -· Hanging Out in Emek Refaim or let them run round in one of the Jerusalem Playgrounds or· Open Spaces

Better still cool off and visit one of the Swimming Pools