Children at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is more than just a “salty” stop! It is an ideal family holiday destination. So it means that it is an absolutely brilliant for children – as long as you take precautions in regard to the sun and heat. It also offers opportunity for some sports, tailored nature-oriented activities, and of course, quality leisure time with the family.

Here are a few ideas:

Floating in the Dead Sea

Get them floating holding a book – it is a great picture to take home. But, watch out that they don’t get salt in their eyes – it is unbelievably painful. See Floating in the Dead Sea

Glorious mud

The Dead Sea has long been renowned for the purported health benefits and healing power of the mud along its banks. Of course, what’s an excursion to the Dead Sea without mud? Mud-covered tourists are usual fixtures there. Many people would bend down to scoop the dark, mineral-rich mud and put it into their buckets. And kids, who love naturally love getting dirty, will be surely excited to smear themselves with muck. Who can look the most impressive when coated in mud?


Masada is one of the highly recommended places for the family on a holiday in and around the Dead Sea. It is fun trailing up to the top of the cliff and you can choose the walking experience or cable car — both very popular. Taking the car up and walking down is also an option. The visitor’s center is also worth exploring, with screenings of the audio-visual retelling of the battle of Masada, in a very modern and state-of-the-art cinema. Screenings are both available in Hebrew and English. See Masada

Ein Gedi National Park

It’s always a favorite among many families, and it will become your next favorite, too! At Ein Gedi National Park you can enjoy befriending animals at the animal patting farm, appreciate the audio-visual tour of the gardens, and discover the rare flora and fauna from around the world. Organized tours are also available. The gardens are located within the kibbutz, near Ein Gedi Hotel. See Ein Gedi


There are several spots on the road down from Jerusalem – let them sail in the ship of the desert.  Places to find a camel include – at the sea level sign and the open air pottery mall. The camel driver in the gas station is a favorite of ours. Even if they don’t want to sail – how many can they spot along the road?

Horse riding

Another activity worth checking out is taking part in horse-riding tours and other related activities at Kibbutz Kalia. It offers short rides, pony patting, classes and other fun and educational things to do for the family. It also offers other fun-filled family activities such as bicycle trails, jeep tours, a swimming pool, and others.

Visit family craft workshops

If your idea of a family bonding is arts and crafts making, visit Esti’s family craft workshops, located at Neot Hakikar. There you can learn and experience an array of desert-related activities that range from traditional cooking to body painting. Highly recommended!

Under the Stars at the Dead Sea

Sleep out at one of the campsites along the Dead Seas shores (we recommend the official ones) or near Masada – an incredible experience. Tents offer you more privacy and are helpful to make sure that the kids don’t wander too far, but they are not really needed most of the year and they can become unbearably hot during the day.