Israel Air Force Museum

Israeli Air Force (IAF) Museum – Introduction

The Israeli Air Force Museum (IAF Museum) is located on the outskirts of Beer Sheva on the edge of the Chatzerim (Hatzerim) Air Force Base.

The Israeli Air Force Museum is located in the open expanse of the desert at the Chatzerim Air Force Base. You can see training planes and local warplanes flying occasionally flying above the museum during the day, which provides great entertainment for the spectators.

The Israeli Air Force Museum makes for a perfect day out for all fans of military history and planes. If you fall into this category then this is one of the secrets of Israel and certainly of the Negev. Children will love the IAF Museum.

Israeli Air Force Museum Exhibition

There are a few permanent exhibitions that track the story of the IAF, the weapons and planes, crew survival equipment and the role of the Israeli Air Force.

The highlights of the Israeli Air Force Museum are the almost countless planes on display in row upon row. The planes include some legendary exhibits that saw active service in some of the more famous air force operations and some captured enemy aircraft. There are also exhibits dealing with missiles, pilotless aircraft and anti-aircraft equipment.

Being a mostly outdoor museum, the Israeli Air Force Museum is spread out over a huge area (to accommodate the exhibits) so be prepared to walk a lot and bring plenty of water in the summer.  The site is flat and so completely accessible and there are some picnic areas, a few animals and children’s toys. There are a few buildings which are devoted to housing Air Force archives and artefacts. There is also a souvenir shop and a small cafe.

The real stuff begins at a small building where visitors can learn the history of the IAF and its various missions and operations (such as the Entebbe and the aerial raids on Iraq and Tunisia’s fledgling nuclear station) that have made the IAF a legendary institution

There are guides and tours are available in several languages including English and French as well as Hebrew. For more pictures see IAF Museum Photos.

Getting to the Israeli Air Force Museum

By Car – The IAF Museum is located to the west of Beer Sheva – from the northern entrance to Beer Sheva follow the ring road west.

See the Israel Air Force Museum (Hebrew) Website