Desert Cycle Ride at the lowest point on Earth

Cyclists often seek the highest roads they can find, but what does it feel like when cycling the lowest roads — in this case, the lowest point on earth?

Ein Bokek (the main Dead Sea hotel resort area) is an excellent starting point for a bike ride in the Sedom Mountain (also known as Mount Sodom) area of the Dead Sea — the lowest point on Earth. The biking routes near the Dead Sea are well signposted and because they follow the dry river routes, they are very bright and suitable for a night ride as well (on a full moon night of course).

Dead Sea Cycle Route

If you head south along the beach from Ein Bokek, you will see the region’s single gas station ahead of you, about 2 kilometers south of the last hotel. Cross the road west of the gas station (after climbing about 300 meters on route 31) and enter the valley just west of the Sedom Mountain rising clearly to your left.

The Sedom Mountain is a hill composed of dark salt stone while the valley is bright. After about half a kilometer you will see a map showing all the cycle paths. Use the valley route on your way out to the south along the green, then the red paths. On your way back try to follow the blue then black paths.

This route will require you to climb a bit when turning back after about 12 Km, but it is also worthwhile to climb a bit more eastward to a view point overlooking the Dead Sea.

A full round will be around 30 to 40 kilometers.

The desert colors and stone shapes are very beautiful, the road is suitable for children, but do not underestimate the dangers of the desert. Ride early and take a lot of water as it may be very pleasant in the morning and once the sun is up, it becomes terribly hot and dry. The caves in the salt rocks are amazing, but it is strictly forbidden to crawl into them.

Tips for cycling safety in the Dead Sea area (or pretty much anywhere in Israel)

  • Plan your itinerary before you arrive in the area. As a reference, use routes on website such as MapMyRide and Cyclenix.
  • Always mind your safety — prepare for it! Cycling is a sport that has grown in popularity only recently, so it’s still pretty new in the country. Get a full and complete safety gear — including helmets, elbow and knee pads, and appropriate clothing that will protect you from the scorching Israeli summers. Follow the bike paths whenever possible.
  • Bring your own gear, or rent at any shops in the Dead Sea (such as the rental at the Dead Sea Crowne Plaza).
  • Stay hydrated! It can get pretty hot especially during the summer months, so bring lots of water with you.
  • You may bike on your own way or prefer to sign up for guided biking tours if you want others to handle logistics. Most guided biking tours offer bikes (of course), safety gear, itineraries, food and refreshments, as well as accommodation on longer bike trips. Look for a company that has a good reputation and high safety rating. We recommend that you should book at least three months in advance to secure a spot.

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