Things not to Miss in Eilat

Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city. As it is a busy port and a popular resort, it focuses on allowing tourists to relax, unwind enjoying the sun and the sea.

Eilat’s main attraction is its glimmering sea, which contains some of the world’s best marine life. The Red Sea alone is one of the best places to dive, snorkel, and do other fun and exciting water sports. No wonder, there are several licensed diving centers and water-sport clubs that dot Eilat’s beaches.

Relaxation is the best thing to do in Eilat and many day will be spent by the pool or in the sea. Here are some ideas of other things to do in Eilat and nearby.

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  1. One of the all-time favorite activities in Eilat is the Dolphin Reef. You can go out on floating platforms and observe dolphin feeding (check times) and learn about the dolphins from their carers. There is also a little beach there where you can picnic or buy food. Children of all ages will be fascinated. There is also the opportunity to go swimming and diving with the dolphins (and a guide).
  2. Timna Park – Just north of Eilat, it covers about 15,000 acres of horseshoe-shaped valley surrounded by steep cliffs. The area is rich in copper ore and was the world’s first copper mine. Several theories claim that the Timna copper mines date back to King Solomon’s era. Aside from copper, the area is also rich in natural wonders and you can view and admire the perfectly-formed Solomon’s Pillars. Tours are open daily.
  3. Walk along the Tayelet (“Promenade”) and around the lagoons. You can walk east almost as far as the Jordanian border
  4. The Under Water Observatory – The first underwater aquarium in Israel and also the biggest in the country. It hosts over 800 species.
  5. Kings City Theme Park – A unique Biblical theme park located just near the Red Sea.
  6. The IMAX cinema – It is located near the hotels showing a series of spectacular films.
  7. Drive down the road to the Taba border crossing and find a bit of beach that takes your fancy.
  8. Shopping – Eilat is a VAT-free zone, which makes the city an attractive place to go shopping. There are two shopping malls on the Tayelet and there are endless stalls along the Tayelet itself.
  9. International Bird Observatory – Eilat is directly on one of the principal avian migration routes and there is an observatory nearby – it is open year-round and offers day and night tours.
  10. Ice Exhibit – It is located near the marina. It is also the perfect place to escape the scorching outdoor weather as well as admire the awe-inspiring ice sculptures.
  11. Glass bottomed boats – Another way to view and enjoy the marine life in Eliat is board one of those glass-bottomed boats that float on the Red Sea. While on the boat, enjoying undersea views provide a unique experience.
  12. Cruise on the sea. Eilat’s bay area is one of Israel’s major tourist attractions for those looking for having a cruise fun.
  13. Desert trips – Whether you choose to ride on a camel or a Jeep, and choose daytime or private evening desert rides, your wish is Eliat’s command! It is best arranged through your hotel reception.
  14. Do a some hike in the desert – the Red Canyon is the easiest and the most accessible hike especially for the newbies. The top of the Timna Cliffs provide an amazing vista of the valley. Some of the favorites also include Amudei Amram & Shchoret Canyon / Mountain.
  15. Water sports – The Red Sea has world-renowned coral reserves and the year round warm climate have made Eilat a great diving resort. You can do an introductory dive, get a license or dive independently from Eilat. There are also many other water sports available. It is best arranged through your hotel reception.
  16. Watch the planes – Eilat is one of the few places in the world where you can walk from the plane to your hotel in a matter of minutes. This means that children will have a great time plane spotting as the planes land and take off. You can stand right at the end of the runway.
  17. Explore the Hidden Lake – If you think that Eilat offers everything, it has lots of surprises, too. One of them is the Hidden Lake, which is surrounded by tall cliffs. The vivid contrast between the reddish cliffs and the blue-green lake makes for a spectacular sight. It is only 20 minutes by vehicle from Eilat via Route 90. However impressive the sight the lake is, the water is salty, so be careful not to swallow it or take a dip in it with open wounds.