Ein Gedi Photos

EinGedi is stunning desert oasis – you can walk some of the most popular Israel Hiking Trails, bathe in fresh water amongst the rocks and visit ancient civilisation in the finds of the Ein Gedi synagogue.

Check out some of the photos:

Waterfall in Ein Gedi


rock hyrax on a branch
Rock hyrax in Ein Gedi


Succulents at Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens



palm trees and other plants
Ein Gedi — one of the most popular and visited sites in Israel


sunset and a silhouette of palm trees and mountains
Sunset in Ein Gedi


Swimming pool
Ein Gedi Dead Sea Spa


pink flowers
Flowers at Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens


cave and a small pool
“The Window Dry Fall,” overlooking Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea



horned goat
Steinbock or ibex in Ein Gedi