Yes, there is such a thing as a vegetarian and vegan village — so to vegetarian and vegan fans, rejoice! You can find that in Israel.

Amirim (which means “treetop” in Hebrew) is an entirely vegetarian and vegan village located near Zefat. Located 650 meters (2,132 feet) above sea level on a hill overlooking the sea of Galilee, Amirim boasts natural wonders and stunning views.


Amirim’s history goes way back to the 1950s when Jewish immigrants from Morocco found the area and tried — although unsuccessfully — to establish a settlement there. The original name was Shefa Bet. Late in the decade, a group of people of various religious and ethnic established a moshav together based on their healthy lifestyle and ideology. The founders of Amirim were among the pioneers of the vegetarian and vegan movement in Israel.

Amirim today

Today, Amirim is a holiday resort village — the first of its kind in the country. With its good location, climate, lots of nature reserves, tranquility, and of course the healthful food and lifestyle, Amirim attracts lots of tourists from parts of Israel and all over the world. Its wholesome lifestyle and preference towards vegetarian and vegan foods give Amirim a unique character, making it a place like no other in Israel and (possibly) in the world.

In Amirim you will find a variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants that serve no less than organic fare. When you think of vegetables, you think of blandness — but not here in Amirim! The restaurants even offer a rich menu and the variety of flavorful plant-based dishes make Amirim a unique gastronomical destination.

It is full of beautiful zimmers, pastoral views and cafes. So as you might expect – barbecues are strictly forbidden, but even for the non-vegetarians and meat-eaters, the atmosphere more than makes up for it – well worth a visit, and a great base in the Galilee.

Amirim offers beautiful and scenic walks and trails that offer its lush and spectacular nature. There’s also a swimming pool, a mini-market, and two observation points that provide breathtaking views of the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, and the Lower Galilee.

In recent years, Amirim has also established a reputation as a center for holistic health treatments and spas.

The village is also known for its sculpture garden, which features works from renowned Israeli and international artists. It is also noted for its lively music scene, and various musical events are held there regularly.

Amirim is truly a utopia for health and wellness buffs, and for those who seek nature, tranquility, and wholesomeness.

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