Avnei Eitan – Indian Village

A unique camping experience – family size Indian wigwams in the heart of the Golan Heights. Children will love it here.

In Avnei Eitan in Southern Golan, there’s an upscale Indian village and yurt campsite where visitors can detach themselves from the everyday rat race and connect to nature while discovering the amazing natural treasures of Golan.

One would say that the lodgings at the Indian Village (yes, that’s the name) in Avnei Eitan look like authentic Indian tents, but feel like hotels.

One can appreciate the peaceful and natural surroundings, breathe in the fresh, clean air, and enjoy the unique experience of sleeping in one of the Indian tepees that were built according to American Indian building tradition. Its proximity to the moshav allows the guests to have access to certain services, such as the supermarket or the synagogue.

Facilities and amenities

The tepees or Indian tents are constructed from natural materials. But if you assume these tepees are small by judging at the pictures — think again! They are actually quite large and spacious, ideal for families, friends or workmates who want to have a unique and comfortable camping experience. Next to every tent are tables, chairs, and a barbecue grill. There are also kitchenettes that have almost all necessities — sink, refrigerator, kettle, tea, coffee, plates and silverware, coffee — but no stove or microwave. Guests can choose to do their own cooking or order freshly-cooked and nutritious kosher meals from the campsite staff. The campsite also offers breakfast and dinner.

As said before, the tents are large and spacious. Each tent can accommodate up to ten people, so it’s perfect for the whole family, a group of friends, or a small group of office employees in a team building. For every two tents there is a toilet and a shower.

The family-size huts are air-conditioned, which also include separate rooms for the parents and their children, kitchenette, eating corner, toilet and bath, and LCD television.

The camping area itself offers a variety of amenities that include public toilets and showers, tables and chairs, mattresses, and hot and cold drinking water.

If tents aren’t your thing (and if you prefer a bit of luxury), you can also choose to stay in one of their rustic wooden cabins. They don’t look much from the outside, but are really great once you enter inside. Each of the cabins offers several beds in separate rooms, a living area, a dining room, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a shower, a bathroom, a toilet, and cable TV. A spacious picnic area greets you outside the cabin. You can tell everybody that you went camping, but miss out on the sleeping (or not managing to sleep) on the floor.

For couples who are looking for a unique romantic getaway, Indian Village offers yurts or Mongolian tents. But they are not just ordinary yurts! The yurts are spacious, yet intimate enough for couples. There is also another yurt that contains a large jacuzzi overlooking the vast riverbeds (wadi) and which serves the guests of the other yurts.

The Indian Village – a unique and memorable camping experience

The camp is worth a visit – literally on the trail for the Black & White Waterfalls (Nahal El Al), you just roll out of the tents and start walking!

In fact, if you like a late start you maybe amused by all the early risers tramping round the outside of the camp site whilst you are still on breakfast!

Some aspects of the site are a bit basic (but reasonable) and the experience here is everything.  

Don’t forget to leave time to gaze at the stars.

Phone number: (972) 04 6762151


Getting There

Located inside Avnei Eitan village – just off Road 98