Ghengis Khan

Givat Yoav is a moshav (an agricultural town or settlement) in Southern Golan Heights, a ten-minute drive from the Sea of Galilee.

One of the more unusual and worthwhile places to stay in Givat Yoav is Genghis Khan. For those who want to experience a bit of Mongolia, this place might be the one you’re looking for!

The name is a play on words Genghis – after the famous Mongolian ruler and Khan – but also after one of the local names for an overnight inn. This is a group of five large tents modelled on real Mongolian tents (known as a yurt or “ger” in Mongolian) that are self-designed and built by the owners. Four of the five tents can accommodate up to ten people and one can accommodate up to six people. Each tent is equipped with an air-conditioner, an attached private bathroom and toilet, and comfortable mattresses for each guest.

From the looks of it, Genghis Khan is not the place for couples looking for a romantic getaway, as these tents are rented by the group rather than being hostel style – so they are great for families or large groups. They are comfortable inside, including air conditioning (definitely not in the original Mongolian design). A firm favorite with children. As said before, each tent has its own private bathroom – not really the five-star hotel type as you might expect, but not camp-ground basic either.

There is a communal kitchen area and lots of space for barbecues and chairs and tables on the wide grass lot for dinner and picnics. Near the kitchen there is a garden of several types of plants (especially herbs) which you can use to make your own tea.

As an added extra the sunset and views are superb.

Also worth a visit is the shofar factory located in the same village. Although the full explanation  can be lengthy and the owner prefers larger groups. You can visit the factory shop, practice your favorite notes on your favorite animal horn and make off with a bargain (The factory is sign-posted on the way in).

Genghis Khan is located on a 140-kilometer trail across the Golan from north to south. It may take you a six-day trek before finally getting to the village.

Getting There

It can be reached by bus (but not too easily) – simply by car.

Givat Yoav is located on Road 789 (between Roads 92 & 98) The site itself is not well signposted in the village – you will probably have to ask some locals.

Check out their website –