Haifa Beaches

Haifa is well known for the  Carmel Mountain and the port. However, it also has some out-standing beaches. The beaches and boardwalks in Haifa are great for stopovers after a long drive or for a seaside getaway. There are many fun activities to do there — swimming, sun bathing, having a picnic with family or friends, or watch the beautiful sunset (some beaches offer the best sunset views). Or just having some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, watching the gentle waves and blissfully enjoying the calm and serene atmosphere.

See our Haifa Beach Map for more help on beach locations.

Name Access Life Guard Hours Entrance Fee Notes
Kiryat Haim Beach Access from the North: Truman Avenue Access From East: Deganya Avenue Three Life Guards along the beach. All day Free Entrance This beach has a separate beach next to the north tower for the religious community
Bat Galim Beach Access From East: Ha’aliya Hashniya Street through Charles Lutz Street. Access From West: From Ha’aliya Hashniya street through Bat Galim Avenue. Three Life Guard stations along the beach. Unknown Free Entrance This beach has great winds coming in from the north which makes surfing easier
Carmel Beach Access from west of the Haifa Mall intersection, through Andrei Sakharov Street Two Life Guards along the beach All Hours Free Entrance Relatively calm waters make for a relaxing swim
Dado Zamir Beach Access from south: west of the haifa mall aling Andrei Sakharov Street Access From North (for cars not exceeding a height of 2.20 meters) through  “Maxim” Petrol Station, west of Derech Hayam intersection Four Life Guard stations along the beach All Hours Free Entrance Facilities for the handicapped are available at the north of the beach
Access from dirt road from Bat Galim (suitable for any car) None All Hours Free Entrance Very narrow and small beach. Also good for Wind Kite surfing, surfing and other sports due to small number of bathers and wind conditions
Hof Hashaket Access: Make a right turn at Heyl Hayam Street or a left from Ha’aliya Street One Lifeguard station along the beach Men:










Free Entrance Separate bathing days for men and women

Other good beaches in Haifa

  • Dor HaBonim – Dor HaBonim is widely considered as the most beautiful piece of coastline in Israel. It is part of the HaBonim Nature Reserve and only about an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv. The area is known for its pristine blue waters, vast sandy expanses, a lagoon, lots of smaller bays and a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Meridian Beach – This beautiful beach is great to swim because of its relatively calm waters. Its breakwater feature creates a shallow swimming area, which is perfect for the kids. The beach is also open to pets.
  • Student Beach – The location of this beach is somewhat unusual. It is Haifa’s southernmost beach bordering the Atlit army base. But that doesn’t stop the fun! If you’re an extreme sports enthusiast, Student Beach offers plenty of activities guaranteed to give you a great dose of adrenalin — windsurfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, etc.