Haifa Shopping Malls

Here is the Israel Inside Out guide to Shopping Malls in Haifa

Grand Canyon

Opened in 1999, Grand Canyon is the largest shopping mall in northern Israel. It has three floors with 220 stores and businesses, including of which approximately 80% are chain stores. Inside the mall has a 4000-square meter spa, a massive indoor children’s amusement park, and a movie house. It also has 2,500 parking spots.


Simcha Golan 54, Haifa


Castra Center

Castra is an artists’, shopping and entertainment center, combining art, culture and leisure-time activities. The center offers visitors a wide range of art galleries, artists’ workshops and shops, boutiques selling fashion, jewelry and other designer goods. Don’t miss the unique largest tile wall painting in the world, outside the mall. It was created especially for the project by the Austro-Israeli artist Eric Brauer, based on Old Testament themes. Hundreds of ceramic tiles, which was painted laid out on a worktable, and baked in a kiln and assembled, like a puzzle, individually on the wall to obtain the complete work of art.

It has three floors with approximately 80 shops and businesses.


8 Fliman Street, Haifa

See also Castra (Hebrew) Website

Lev Hamifratz Mall

Officially named as Cinemall, Lev HaMifratz mall has three floors with approximately 85 stores and businesses, as well as restaurants and coffee shops and a large movie house. It also has a food court.

Mall facilities include underground and aboveground parking (both free) and ATM services.

Lev HaMifratz is also a transportation hub. Behind it is a train station, with trains to Nahariya and Tel Aviv. The entrance to the station is from the above ground parking garage. It is also adjacent to the Mifratz Central Bus Station, which is the main junction between the Krayot and the city of Haifa.


HaHistadrut Ave 55, Haifa

Check out their website: https://www.cinemall.co.il/

Haifa Mall

Approximately about 150 stores and businesses, as well as a restaurants and coffee shops. Mall facilities include free parking and ATM services.


55 Federation Avenue, Gulf Heart Junction, Haifa

Azrielli-Haifa Mall

Also known as Kenyon Azriella Haifa, Azriella-Haifa Mall is located at the southern entrance to Haifa opposite Matam, just next to Castra Mall and opposite the Convention Center. It has three floors with about 40 fashion stores, 20 restaurants, a supermarket, a hardware store and a few outlet stores. The merchandise sold there are reasonably-priced. It also a features a bowling alley on the mall’s top level, a go-karting track and a wall-climbing area.


Flieman Street 4, Haifa

Horev Center

Horev Center (Merkaz Horev) is located in the Ahuzza neighborhood. It has three floors of shops, moviehouses, banks, a supermarket, and other businesses and services such as optometry shop, a dental clinic, and a branch of the Herzliyah Private Medical Center.


Khorev Street 15, Haifa