Hof HaBonim Beach

Hof HaBonim

Hof HaBonim
is without a doubt one of Israel’s best kept secrets.

Hof HaBonim is a beautiful beach, with many inlets, interesting rock forms, vegetation and wildlife. There is even a visible shipwreck. There are two short (two kilometers and 4.5 kilometers) family-friendly nature trails.

Many people do come to Hof HaBonim for the nature but many more come to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach, sand and the sea. The sunsets here are amazing.

You can spend the day here or do like many Israelis do and turn Hof HaBonim into your temporary home – with overnight camping permitted on the beach. There are some basic facilities to make the camping more accessible.

Dor Habonim Beach Nature Reserve

The amazing rocky inlets and hills at Dor Habonim Beach Nature Reserve have been shaped by centuries by strong winds and waves, creating scenic views, romantic walks, stunning photography and fun photo-ops. There are also abundant opportunities to discover diverse plant and animal life, whether by the beach or in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

Even the sand dunes have some history: each of the minute particles comes all the way from the Nile River. The nature reserve has two marked trails that allow you further to explore. One trail goes on a two-hour loop, while the other trail goes south to Dor Beach and takes around four hours. An overnight camping ground is open every summer.

The Dor HaBonim Beach Nature Reserve is perfect destination for all ages. The stunning views alone is worth with all the trouble getting there. Parking is available.

Getting to Hof HaBonim

Perhaps the reason that it is not so well known is due to the access arrangements. It is fairly easy once you understand that the access road does not start from the main coastal highway but a few kilometres further inland on Road 4. The access road is north of Furedis Junction. You then drive through banana plantations for several kilometers – cross the coastal highway on a bridge, then the railway on a level crossing and with a few final twists and turns arrive at Hof HaBonim.

Near to Hof HaBonim

There are many other things to see and do in the Hof HaBonim area. Just nearby is Hof Dor (Dor Beach) – also a beautiful beach. We also recommend Caesarea – Herod’s City by the Sea, Zichron Yaakov and The Carmel Area

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