Horshat Tal Campground

Horshat Tal (also spelled as Hurshat Tal — means “dew grove”) is a 700-dunams nature and recreation resort. It is one of the largest camp grounds in the area. For those who are water lovers who cannot go to seaside beaches, Horshat Tal has pretty-looking pools and brooks where they can swim, bathe, or fish. Horshat Tal offers facilities for those who are looking for a comfortable stay in the midst of nature.

It has spacious green areas, reasonable facilities and a pastoral feel about it. It is located amongst the tributaries of the Dan river. There are also guest rooms, cabins, and bungalows for hire. There is also a fishing park, a cafeteria, and rescue services.

You can swim and fish in some of the pools, but one word of caution, there are numerous little brooks and pools in the camp ground – they add to the atmosphere and are great for paddling and dipping, but, you need to be more than usually aware of what your small children are doing. Apart from that, this site a favorite place for children.

It has national park status due to the 240 or so ancient Mount Tabor oak trees (Quercus ithaburensis) within its confines and in the spring there are anemones and other wildflowers. Some of the trees are estimated to be 350 to 400 years old. Legend states that ten of Muhammad’s cohorts stopped nearby to rest, but could not find trees to which to tie their horses. So what they did is to dive their sticks into the ground, which eventually grew tall and became full-grown trees in the area.

Not far from the oak tree grove is the Orchids Reserve, which boasts a rare range of orchid species that cannot be found anywhere else in Israel. So needless to say, nature lovers will find lots of things to discover and love in Hoshat Tal.

It is a great base for exploring the Upper Gallilee (eastern) and Golan Heights. Also a fun place to spend time day camping and relaxing.

See Horshat Tal Reserve. It is closed during the winter and advanced booking is recommended for the bungalows and rooms.

Getting To Horshat Tal

On Road 99 east of Kiryat Shemona