Kvutzat Kinneret Eucalyptus Groves

Kvutzat Kinneret is a kibbutz on the south western shores of the Sea of Galilee a few minutes south of Tiberias and north of Bet Gabriel and next to the first Kibbutz Degania Bet.

The settlement group — “kvutza” — was established in 1913. In 1929, they moved out from the Kinneret training farm to its next location, which is the exact location today.

We walked in the eucalyptus groves by Kvutzat Kinneret; there are a few small lakes in swampy ground and surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

“The Eucalyptus Grove”

Naomi Shemer, one of Israel’s foremost songwriters and poets of her time and the composer of  the famous song Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (“Jerusalem of Gold”, which became an unofficial second national anthem after Israel emerged victorious from the Six-Day War in 1967) was born on the nearby Kvutzat Kinneret. She walked through these Eucalyptus Groves on her way to school and many of the themes in her songs came from these experiences for example the song Churshat HaEucalyptus (the Eucalyptus Grove). Sherner died in 2004.

If only springtime lasts forever in Kvutzat Kinneret…

Aside from a piece of musical history, there are many more reasons to visit Kvutzat Kinneret, especially during the springtime, where nature is in its full bloom. Springtime is the best time to go there where the heat is not at all that sweltering. Besides, everything becomes so picture-pretty: wildflowers are in full bloom and the foliage is at its greenest. The beautiful and breathtaking springtime scenery can be best appreciated on foot. Besides, it’s not crowded in this particular season.

The area is also home to Galita, a chocolate farm and store in the Kibbutz Degania Bet. It is a good way to end your tour around the area — delving into the world of all things chocolatey! It also holds several workshops on the site, including the appropriately titled “A Celebration of Spring” where you get the chance to create spring-themed chocolate lollipops and petit-fours.

The views here are utterly stunning and there is also lots of wildlife. We have never been here before although it is so accessible from the main road.

Near to Kvutzat Kinneret

Nearby is the cemetery where many of the good and great of the early Zionist Labor Movement are buried. There is also Moshava Kinneret with a historical reconstruction of some of the original buildings. The roads into the Galilee offer some stunning views back over the Sea of Galilee.  There is also a beautiful spot on the Jordan River –  Yardenit – worth a visit in its own right and popular with Christian Pilgrims as a baptismal site.

Getting to Kvutzat Kinneret

Kvutzot Kinneret is just off Road 90 south of Tiberias.