The Madrasse (or Majrasa or Majrase) is on the north eastern tip of the Kinneret and is the estuary of one of the streams (Daliyot) running from the Golan. It is also a nature reserve.

You can’t get any more water hike than you do in Majrasa. The water is the hiking trail! So what you’ll mostly do is wade or swim through the streams.

At the estuary of the stream is the “wet route” (which is marked by a blue trail) — a 800-meter-or-so section of walking through the stream. This makes the place suitable for hikes during the spring, summer or fall. As you reach the end of that section, it is possible to return to the starting point by way of a “dry route”, where you can hike back without walking through the water and still be able to enjoy the wonderful views of the nature reserve. The “dry route” is the most suitable for winter visit and are perfect for those who can’t go in the water and you can follow the main group and take pictures.

The whole stretch of the Madrasse involves a fairly short walk – you can wade and splash through the cool waters. It is a great place to relax on a hot day and to have a friendly water fight. Some parts are a little deeper so keep an eye on the children; but, basically this is pure fun, the only question is deciding whether to repeat the route!


At the threshold of the Madrasse route, you can find washrooms and changing rooms for the visitors, as well as drinking water, and a shaded picnic area.


Lighting fires is prohibited.

Bring along water shoes or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (you are strongly advised not to enter barefoot) a swim suit and inner tubes or rings for the smaller children.

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