Yehudiya & Zavitan

Hiking is one of the best ways to discover the beauty of Israel. The Holy Land is home to several wonderful nature parks and spots for hiking and other outdoor adventures.

The Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve is located above the Sea of Galilee in the central Golan Heights. It is one of the biggest nature reserves in the Golan Heights and is renowned for its abundant flora and fauna and for its geological diversity. Like most nature parks in Israel, the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve is under the protection of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

It covers a landscape of deep ravines, canyons, waterfalls, and a wonderful forest consisting of Mount Tabor oak trees. The streams that flow through the park are vital to the drainage basin of the Sea of Galilee.

Points of interest

The following lists some of the many points of interest in Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve:

  • Overnight campground – it also serves as the main entrance to the nature reserve and the starting point for the hiking trails along the Zavitan and Yehudiya streams.
  • Yehudiya stream – a deep and awe-inspiring canyon. However, the popular section of the canyon has been closed to tourists recently due to the rocks that fall from the canyon cliffs. In its place, a new path has been marked out upstream that provides hikers the access to the Yehudiya waterfall.
  • Zavitan stream – another deep and beautiful canyon, Zavitan stream boasts deep pools and a unique spring called El Nataf, whose waters drip from the sides of the canyon.
  • The Black Gorge – it is located in the Zavitan stream and consists of a series of waterfalls. Intrepid hikers can cross the waterfalls by rappelling. If you want to venture into the Black Gorge, you will have to register in advance at the nature reserve’s information office.
  • Ayit Waterfall – one of the highest and the most beautiful waterfalls in the Golan. You can follow the “Waterfalls Route” along Road 808 to see the Ayit Waterfalls from the lookout points.

The Yehudiya is probably the top walk in the Golan, with ladder descents and at one point a leap into a pool (protect cameras, wallets phones etc. because they are going in the water – just like you!!)

As such this is not suitable for pre-teenagers, but, it is extremely good fun. In order to complete this route you need to be able to swim.

The Zavitan walks  are excellent and more children friendly than the Yehudiya but definitely not trivial.

Both walks set off from the Yehudiya campground.

For both walks you need plenty of water, as well as clothes and shoes that can get soaked.

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Getting To The Yehudiya

On Road 87

Operating hours

Saturday to Thursday – 08:00 to 17:00
Friday – 08:00 to 17:00


Adults – 22 NIS
Children – 9 NIS
Students – 12 NIS
Senior Citizens – 11 NIS

Information center

Before you start, it is important to make a stop at the information center first to get the latest information and updates on the condition of the trails and learn about the rules that visitors should follow.