Kangaroos in Israel? Yes! And you can find them in the north of the country.

Gangaroo is an Australian Nature Reserve where you are free to wander amongst the Kangaroos and to see other wildlife from Down Under.

When Gangaroo opened on July 28, 1996, the ceremony was attended by the Australian ambassador. So, apparently, it was developed in conjunction with an Australian team that requires the park to meet certain specifications to make the conditions hospitable to kangaroos.

It is located in and run by the kibbutz Nir David and has the unique distinction as the only “Australian zoo” outside Australia.

Gangaroo (or Gan Garoo – actually a wordplay which means “kangaroo park”) is primarily a kangaroo park. However, it is also the home of other creatures from Down Under such as marsupials. It is an amazing thematic zoo and park where visitors can pet and feed friendly, free-range kangaroos from the palm of their hands. There are over fifty of them roaming around the park. Kids and curious adults in particular will surely love it!

Aviary and other animals

There is also an aviary where visitors can also pet and feed their feathered friends, such as parrot species like cockatiels, lorikeets, and parakeets. Gangaroo is also the home of other animals such as cassowary, emus, flying foxes, and several species of reptiles and rare birds.

Dinosaur Maze

For the children and curious adults in particular, they should check out the zoo’s newest attraction, the “Dinosaur Maze” (“GanGoo Yura” or “Jurassic”). It offers a one-of-a-kind encounter that features several animatronic dinosaurs of different species who move and roar. Some of them even speak and tell the guests about themselves!

Along the maze you will also find informative signages (in Hebrew, Arabic and English) and educational interactive games. 

But unlike the real dinosaurs during the prehistoric times, the creatures at the Dinosaur Maze, for sure, will never go extinct!

The entrance to the Dinosaur Maze is included in the ticket price of the Gangaroo.

Where are the koalas?

Being an Australian park, Gangaroo should also have koalas. Right?

Besides, Israel is replete with eucalyptus trees — whose leaves are a favorite food of koalas — that were imported over a century ago to help drain the swamps. 

Unfortunately, the last koala in Israel, named Milo, passed away in 2018. At the moment, the park’s management are still negotiating in bringing some more koalas from Australia. Obviously, the process takes some time and it would be long before visitors will be able to see some new koalas in the zoo.

Other attractions also include a picturesque pond with black swans. You can also see some bats, which is truly fascinating.

Gangaroo is a truly amazing park and zoo and makes a great place for a family-friendly day out. But you need to avoid it between May and September if you don’t like extremely hot weather.

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