Exploring Louis Promenade

Whether you’re standing on the street level or on the slopes of Mount Carmel, Haifa always guarantees excellent vantage points, offering visitors some of the city’s best attractions. Enjoy the views of the Baha’i Shrine and gardens when standing from the German Colony or anywhere else in downtown Haifa. Go up the Mount Carmel and take in the breathtaking views of downtown Haifa, the Port of Haifa, Haifa Bay, and the vast blue Mediterranean Sea. Day or night, Haifa always looks spectacular.

There are many points to enjoy the fantastic panoramic views of the city. But the most popular of them all is Louis Promenade, one of the loveliest places to walk, sit, relax, and see all of Haifa. 

This is the best place to view everything you need to see in Haifa – the lower part of the city, Haifa Bay, and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as nearby cities and towns, neighborhoods, and even Rosh HaNikra and the snow-capped summit of Mount Hermon.

A short history

No one would even have the slightest idea that this lovely promenade is a memorial of sorts. But in a way, it is.

Louis Promenade was established in 1992 through contributions from Haifa residents Paul and May Goldschmidt. They wanted something to commemorate the memory of their son Louis, who was killed in a car accident. Since Louis loved seeing Haifa’s magnificent views, the Goldschmidts only deemed it fitting to build a promenade that would offer such fantastic views of the city.

What to expect and see from Louis Promenade?

Also called the “Balcony of Israel,” Louis Promenade runs a 400-meter (1,312-foot) stretch along Yefe Nof Street, starting from the Nof Hotel to the upper entrance of the Baha’i Gardens (where the tours of the gardens usually begin).

Louis Promenade is only about five minutes from the bustling Carmel Center. It is also accessible from nearby hotels (such as Dan Carmel, Dan Panorama, and Nof Hotel), museums, shops, and other attractions. It is a pleasant, scenic, and peaceful walkway, lined with cafés and restaurants. With the way it was built, the Louis Promenade integrates naturally into the area that attracts many tourists and even locals, who come to enjoy the city’s abundance of tourist attractions. A leisurely and relaxed stroll allows visitors to bask in the gorgeous views of the city unfolding before them.

On a good, clear day, one can see the distant white outcropping that’s Rosh HaNikra (just next door to the Lebanese border), famous for its caves and grottos. Visitors can also view the other coastal cities such as Akro (Acre), Nahariya, and the Krayot (a group consisting of four smaller cities and two neighborhoods of Haifa). The snowy peaks of Mount Hermon can be seen as well. It’s recommended to bring your own telescopes and binoculars. And of course, don’t forget to bring your own camera!

Louis Promenade is a charming and inviting place both during the daytime and at night. Visitors enjoy the wide and open spaces of green lawns, pergolas, roofed benches, a small decorative pool with fountains, and a playground. 

Kaiser Wilhelm II obelisk in Louis Promenade in Haifa, Israel

There’s also the Kaiser’s Pyramid (or the Emperor’s Monument), situated at the Yefe Nof Garden on the western end of the promenade. This small obelisk was built by the German Templer settlers to commemorate the visit of Emperor Wilhelm II, Germany’s last emperor, and his wife Augusta-Victoria, to Haifa in 1898. Beside the monument is an old Turkish cannon, which had previously been in Haifa City Hall’s Memorial Garden complex.


Louis Promenade is a favorite place among joggers and walkers, who would marvel at the splendid panoramic views of the city basking in the glow of the morning sun. And during the sunset hour and in the evening, Louis Promenade is a favorite observation point among lovers and romantic couples. At dusk, the breathtaking panoramic view is painted with sunset colors, transforming the city’s view into even more spectacular. During the evening, sightseers enjoy watching the sparkling city lights coming on over the Mediterranean waters, offering an overall fantastic (and romantic) view.

How to go to Louis Promenade?

There are a couple of ways to reach Louis Promenade.

If you are visiting the city and staying in one of the hotels (especially the hotels mentioned earlier), you may reach Louis Promenade by just a short walk.

If you come from various points in Haifa, you may take the Carmelit subway and get off at Carmel Center Station (Gan HaEm), located only within walking distance from Louis Promenade. While you can take the bus or drive up to the promenade, taking the subway is more convenient because it will save you from parking dilemmas since the area is frequently visited by tourists.

You can combine a visit to Louis Promenade with visits to nearby attractions, such as the Baha’i Shrine and its garden terraces.

Louis Promenade is open all year round and is free of charge, so everyone is welcome to visit.