Top Museums and Galleries in Haifa to Visit

Display of ancient artifacts at Israel National Maritime Musuem

Despite its chief reputation as an industrial port city, Haifa is also known as northern Israel’s cultural hub. So, it not a big surprise that you will find several museums in Haifa. They range from the most popular to the hidden gems. Haifa boasts museums and galleries of great variety. Whether it’s … Read more

Carmelit – The World’s Shortest Subway

Carmelit subway in Haifa after the 2018 reopening

As a port city and industrial hub in northern Israel, Haifa may give off an impression to tourists and outsiders as a “working” city. But dig deeper into Haifa and you will find its more fun side. While its coolness factor is nowhere near as Tel Aviv’s, Haifa is a cool place … Read more

Top Public Parks and Nature Attractions in and around Haifa

trees and bushes in Nehser Park

Haifa’s location – between the Mediterranean Sea and the slopes of Mount Carmel – makes the city attractive. Thus, Haifa offers the best of hillside and seaside wonders that will surely leave travelers in awe. Haifa’s most popular and visited tourist attraction is the majestic Baha’i Shrine and garden terrace. But there … Read more

Children’s Attractions and Activities in Haifa

man and child at dado beach

Haifa is one of Israel’s major cities, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the slopes of Mount Carmel. It is Israel’s main port. Haifa’s location and the landscape quickly make it one of the country’s popular tourist destinations, with excellent beaches and breathtaking sea and mountain views. Haifa is also considered Israel’s … Read more

The Beautiful Baha’i Gardens

bahai shrine and gardens

The Baha’i Gardens, also known as the “Terraces” of the Baha’i Faith or the “Hanging Gardens of Haifa,” are probably the most distinct tourist attractions in the city of Haifa, in northern Israel. Until the Covid-19 (aka coronavirus) pandemic, the Baha’i Gardens received around 750,000 tourists a year – locals and foreign … Read more

Exploring the Cave of Elijah

elijah's cave

As a Holy Land, Israel has numerous sites that are typically visited by pilgrims. Jerusalem has a wealth of those religious sites for people of different faiths and denominations. But you have to look beyond Jerusalem, for there are so many more religious sites to explore in this country that will help … Read more

Haifa Travel Guide

western haifa

Haifa is Israel’s third-largest city, after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is beautifully set on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing the Mediterranean Sea. It is also known as one of Israel’s busiest ports along the Mediterranean coastline and now one of the centers of the country’s renowned high-tech industries. Haifa is … Read more

Haifa Shopping Malls

Haifa Shopping Malls

Here is the Israel Inside Out guide to Shopping Malls in Haifa Grand Canyon Opened in 1999, Grand Canyon is the largest shopping mall in northern Israel. It has three floors with 220 stores and businesses, including of which approximately 80% are chain stores. Inside the mall has a 4000-square meter spa, … Read more

Haifa – Festival of Festivals

Haifa – Festival of Festivals

Haifa — Israel’s jewel on the Carmel — is well known for the successful integration of the different religions in the area – Judaism, Islam, Christianity & Bahai. As part of this tradition, Haifa celebrates the Festival of Festivals marking the different seasonal festivals including Chanuka, Christmas, and Ramadan for the Jewish, Christian, … Read more

Haifa Beaches

Haifa Beaches

Haifa is well known for the  Carmel Mountain and the port. However, it also has some out-standing beaches. The beaches and boardwalks in Haifa are great for stopovers after a long drive or for a seaside getaway. There are many fun activities to do there — swimming, sun bathing, having a picnic … Read more