Shopping in Haifa

Shopping is a usual activity to do when visiting a city or town in any country. If you happen to be in Haifa right now, we’re pretty sure that shopping for souvenirs back home is one of the things in mind.

Like many towns and cities and Israel, Haifa offers diverse shopping options from open-air markets to modern air-conditioned malls to boutique shops and specialty stores. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best places to shop in Israel’s port city.

Grand Canyon Mall

(Derech Simha Golan Street 54)

The Grand Canyon Mall is the largest shopping mall in Haifa and the entire northern Israel. Opened in 1999, the Grand Canyon Mall has three stories of over 220 stores and businesses (including 26 food establishments), a spa center, and an amusement park for kids covering over four dunams (4,000 square meters). It also has 3,000 free parking spaces. The Grand Canyon Mall opens on Saturday after sundown following the end of Shabbat, as is the custom of the majority of business establishments in Israel.

Check out other Haifa shopping malls.

Turkish Market

(Paris Square)

Located in Paris Square, downtown Haifa, the Turkish Market is a vibrant place to go if you love handicraft products in particular. It was established in the 1930s by the dockworkers from Thessaloniki, originally as a fruits-and-vegetables market. However, it closed down and was left desolate for years. Recently, it was revived and brought back to life as a small crafts fair, with vendors selling various local handmade products. Buy some of their wares as precious souvenirs back home. 

Masada Street

(Upper Hadar area)

Masada Street (also spelled Massada Street) has become its own character as the “hip” side of Haifa. So, it’s not so surprising that many people would compare Masada Street to Florentin street in Tel Aviv. Tourists flock to this bohemian enclave for many reasons. Masada Street’s main attractions include a collection of 1930s architecture, street art, and art galleries depicting Israel’s ancient history as well as contemporary social and political issues. This residential neighborhood is also home to several trendy boutiques and antique shops, and for this reason, Masada Street is slowly emerging as Haifa’s shopping hub. 

Yad B’homer Contemporary Crafts Gallery on 9A Masada Street is a particular favorite among shoppers, art lovers, and tourists. It is a marvelous place to purchase unique artworks created by eight resident artisans. As a gallery, it regularly showcases works of guest artists and craftspeople. There is also a section selling Ethiopian figurines and Judaica at reasonable prices. Yad B’homer is open every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 AM to 1 PM and Tuesday and Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM.

After a long day of shopping, reward yourself by having a snack, a cup of cappuccino, or a swig of some booze at some of Masada’s line of trendy cafés, restaurants, bars, and lounges.

colors of souq

Talpiot Market

(Hadar HaCarmel district)

Haifa is known for its relatively peaceful coexistence among people of many faiths and ethnicities. And there’s no better way to see and experience such coexistence than the Talpiot Market, located in a historic building in Hadar HaCarmel district.

In Talpiot Market you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, seeds, poultry, dairy, fresh baked goods, and much more, all at reasonable prices. 

Talpiot Market is also known for its long tradition of serving new immigrants, several religious communities, as well as residents from recently established neighborhoods. It’s great to see such coexistence that you’d only wish, one day, would become a reality in all of Israel.

The main shuk or souk (open-air market) is one of the great places to rub shoulders with the locals and experience the lively and colorful Middle Eastern culture. You can also grab great falafel and other local eats while taking a break from shopping.  Munch on the delicious pumpkin and sunflower seeds as you stroll along and browse goods. Don’t miss this out while you’re discovering Haifa’s hidden gems.

Flea Market

(Kibuts Galuyot Street 8)

It is no surprise that flea markets are always some of the best tourist attractions in any city or town. In Haifa’s Lower City, you can find its flea market where vintage lovers and collectors haunt for unique finds at reasonable prices. Recently, it has been given a major facelift to accommodate more shoppers. The flea market is quiet on weekdays, usually operating during the morning. But on Saturdays and Sundays, the market comes to life selling every item imaginable – photo frames, old enamel utensils, used bags and shoes, and several other previously owned and antique items. Flea markets are also the best places to interact with the locals and get to know their religion, culture, and traditions. Several stalls selling snacks and refreshments cater to hungry shoppers.

Panorama Center

(Hanassi Boulevard 109)

If you’re staying somewhere on Mount Carmel, you don’t have to go to downtown Haifa to shop. The Panorama Center is located at the heart of Carmel Center, just next to the Dan Panorama Hotel. It is the most easily accessible shopping center for visitors staying in the area. It sells everything from a pharmacy and newspaper stand to a wine outlet. Of course, you can expect to find clothing stores there, and some say that Panorama Center has some of the best women’s clothing in the city.