Hof HaBonim Photos

Hof HaBonim is one of Israel’s best beaches and best kept secrets. Hof HaBonim is stunningly beautiful.

It is part of the Hof HaBonim Nature Reserve, where natural forces such as the waves and the winds have sculpted hills and craggy inlets alongside this rugged Mediterranean ocean coastline. Result is a stunning natural scenery, offering visitors stunning views, quiet walks, and endless opportunities for picture-taking.

Israel is rich in history. Even here in the beaches at Hof HaBonim, the sand dunes also have a story to tell. The composition is similar to the sand found in the Nile Delta. It suggests that the wind and ocean currents have brought the Nile Delta sand to Hof HaBonim over time.

Here in Hof HaBonim, visitors will find and discover several different kinds of fauna and flora. Of course, when the summer heat gets too punishing, they can also cool off by taking a dip in the pristine blue waters.

It has a combination of a sandy beach and rocky bay, not to mention stunning blue ocean waters. It is ideal for a day’s stay or an overnight camping. However, one great thing about Hof HaBonim Nature Reserve — no entrance fee is required to enjoy its treasures. But there are also very few facilities here to speak of, either. That’s a good thing, though, as it is part of the charm. It also means that commercialism has not crept Hof HaBonim, unlike many other beaches in Israel.

However, the nature reserve has lifeguards and first aid services.

There are two marked trails that allow visitors to explore. One is a loop trail (trek time there is about one hour) and another goes to Dor Beach (it takes about four hours to get there). An overnight campground is open every May and September.

Again, the beaches in Hof HaBonim nature reserve may not have the facilities and other attractions that many other beaches in Israel has. But this is definitely going to be the place to look forward to, especially among those who call themselves beach connoisseurs.

So, what are you waiting for? Chill out, bury your feet under the warm sand, and watch the Mediterranean Ocean glisten while enjoying Hof HaBonim’s beauty and peace and quiet. The beaches at Hof HaBonim are definitely worth checking out and a few hours’ stay.

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Enjoy the photos of Hof HaBonim Beach:

rocky cliffs and water
Hof Habonim
a bush in a rocky beach
Hof HaBonim
Hof HaBonim
plant with flowers
Hispid viper’s bugloss (Echium angustifolium), Hof HaBonim