Israel Cheese Guide – 1

Rami’s Israel Cheese Guide – 1

Being the cradle of humanity the Middle East is considered to be the place of origin of cheese. However, the warm weather did not allow the development of gourmet cheese; and for years the regional cheeses were either very fresh or very salty like the Arab Labane (sour spread cheese made of … Read more



Yes, there is such a thing as a vegetarian and vegan village — so to vegetarian and vegan fans, rejoice! You can find that in Israel. Amirim (which means “treetop” in Hebrew) is an entirely vegetarian and vegan village located near Zefat. Located 650 meters (2,132 feet) above sea level on a … Read more

A Tourist’s Guide to Kashrut and Keeping Kosher

A Tourist's Guide to Kashrut and Keeping Kosher

Many tourists to Israel are both a bit nervous and a bit curious about Kashrut and the implications of Kashrut on their trip to Israel. From time to time, the locals have heard tourists approach the concept of kosher compliance with tones that are reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. This guide will try … Read more