Christian Holidays in Israel

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As with other Christian communities in other countries around the world, Israeli Christians celebrate their own religious holidays. But because Israel is a predominantly Jewish country, Christian holidays are not considered national holidays, despite the fact that it is also the birthplace of Jesus Christ. If you want to best experience and … Read more

Lag B’Omer – What You Need to Know


Apart from the major holidays, Judaism has minor holidays. These minor holidays are observed without any special prayers or any religious requirements or restrictions. They may be observed by certain communities or sectors, and may or may not have various customs associated with them. One of the minor Jewish holidays is Lag … Read more

A Tourist’s Guide to the Major Jewish Festivals in Israel

A Tourist’s Guide to the Major Jewish Festivals in Israel

Major Jewish Festivals in Israel Just like in many other countries, Israel has many different holidays scattered throughout the year. In Israel, these holidays (or Jewish Festivals or Chagim) are based on the Hebrew calendar. For many visitors, the holidays come as a surprise (as they are often not coordinated with holidays … Read more