6 Must-Have Items On Your Beach-Packing List

Are you planning to take the next vacation to Hawaii?

Or you just want to make a 2-weeks escapade together with your beach buddies?

Your beaching plan is never perfect until you get your packing list right.

And just so you don’t miss a thing, I am giving out this complete list of the 6 must-have items you shouldn’t leave out of your packing list.

Finally, to make it easier, you can get them all at reasonable prices from this online surf shop.

Thank me later. Let’s drill into those items below.

Collapsible Cooler Bag

Maybe it’s just me, but the one thing that I hold as a top priority is that session of snacking and sipping after hours of surfing. That is why I am putting cooler bags first. A collapsible cooler bag that can hold up to 24 cans with additional space to store your snacks. It not only keeps everything fresh and cold but it equally serves as storage for used cans after refreshment. Yes, you can be eco-friendly while beaching.

Beach Mat

Imagine lying back-flat and listening to the shush of the misbehaving waves of the water as you sun-gaze. That’s where quality beach mats come in handy to protect your back from burning on the hot sand. An ideal beach mat should be lightweight, easy to dry, and easy to fold. It should also have sand weights on its edges to stop it from getting blown off by the inevitable wind at the beach. Beach mats with pockets are a plus to save in the things you need just where you are.

Underwater Digital Camera

If this is your first time beaching, you need a camera to capture all those memorable moments at the beach. And I don’t mean just a camera. You need an underwater camera that can withstand all the water that you throw at it. With an underwater camera, you can go right to the bottom of the water and take as many pictures as you want without the fear of breaking your investment.

Swimsuit Cover-up

Now and then, you want to take a break from all the splashes to boost your energy for another round of water-crashing. But you don’t want to change a wet swimsuit over again. That is where a swimsuit cover-up comes in. it’s not just fashionable but is also an easy outfit to slide into without the need to go through the trouble of removing your swimsuit.

Packing Cubes

Maybe you already have some traveling bags that you’d rather put to use. But nothing beats arranging your items in packing cubes. These cubes not only make your beach items organized but they also make it excitingly easy to locate your things. Your swimsuits in one cube. Your pants in another. And so on. You know exactly which cube to unzip whenever you need something.

Waterproof Phone Case

There’s no way you can stop bringing your mobile phone close to the water. With a waterproof phone case, you can do all your online streaming and live social media posting without the fear of dropping your phone in the water.