Going on a Christian tour from Europe to Israel: Dos and Don’ts

People travel to different places for different reasons. When it comes to Israel, a major reason people travel to the country is for religious purposes. Israel is a key country in the Christian faith and most of the biblical stories centres around Israel. Hence, Christians all over the world wish to visit Israel to see some of those places talked about in the bible. The fact that Christianity is the most populous religion in the world further buttresses this fact. With many of the biblical spots being among the top tourist destinations in the world, there are other amazing and wonderful places in Israel that tourists visit regularly as well. You can easily get the best advice and trip when you use the services of a travel agency. The importance of getting a reliable travel agency for exotic places boils to the fact that they are knowledgeable and experienced about the areas and can sometimes help you get great discounts.

Several countries have dos and don’ts, with some of them not being popular or observed in the area you are. While some of the dos and don’ts are written out, others might not be such clearly stated. Of course, the written-out ones could land you fines and jail times while some of the others might just be offensive. It is best to adhere to both the written and unwritten rules of any country or city when you reside there and more so when you are visiting. Here are some of the dos and don’ts when you want to visit Israel on a Christian Tour.


Try to use local greetings

If you want to quickly blend with the people of Israel, one of the major ways you can achieve that is by trying to use local greetings. You can try to learn a few local greetings in Israel before you visit the country. One of the most popular local greetings in Israel is Shalom. Shalom means peace and can be used as a goodbye and hello across Israel.

Ask Questions

When you visit different sites in Israel, it is fine to be curious and ask questions about those places. The locals are proud of their culture, hence, they enjoy talking about it. Thus, when you are with the locals, you can pick up a conversation with a person you believe knows about that area. By asking questions, you will get to know more about Israel as well as how Israel differs from your location. After all, a major reason you have travelled from your own country to visit Israel is to know more about the country. If you are going on a Christian tour of Israel as a group, you can find ideas for your group trip vacation to get a good deal by asking questions.


Don’t dress indecently

The dress codes in Israel are common sense and significantly easy. However, there might be some regulations you are not used to. For example, when you are visiting religious sites, it is best to wear conservative clothes. As a man, you are not expected to visit religious sites shirtless or on shorts. Neither should you pull off your shirts or change to shorts when you are within the site. When you want to visit a Jewish memorial or shrine, as a man, you are expected to cover your head. In most cases, a complimentary small skullcap known as a yarmulke is made available to those who need the covering for their head. When visiting any holy site, ladies should not wear clothes that expose their shoulder or bare legs.

No smoking on Saturday

It is considered as an ill manner when you smoke in particular places or times in Israel. You are likely to come across some no-smoking symbols in some parts of Israel. You should know that you are not expected to smoke in those areas. Furthermore, Israel observes Saturday as a religious day. If possible, you should avoid smoking at all on a Saturday in Israel. If you must, do not do it where there are orthodox Jews or in religious places as they might be offended.