Jerusalem Festival of Light

The Jerusalem Festival of Light was held for a week in June 2011 — from June 15 to June 22 in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Festival of Light began in 2009. It showcases the work of the foremost Israeli and international artists who use light as their creative medium. it has become an annual event since.

Fantastic, dramatic, and sensational display of light-ups of the ancient architecture of Jerusalem’s Old City as well as the installation of light sculptures, dazzling performances, and pieces of museum artwork conceived by some of the leading Israeli and international light artists are complemented by street and onstage shows.

The Jerusalem Light Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. Usually the dazzling light installations are set against the walls of the Old City and the surrounding buildings, in a beautiful and extraordinary way.

In this 2011 edition, the Jerusalem Light Festival ran nightly between eight in the evening and midnight over different routes inside and outside the Old City walls. There were four colored routes one for each of the quarters in the Old City – along the routes there are street performers, different building and streets were illuminated and there are statues and works of art made from light.  There were many invited artists including 10 from overseas.

The streets of Jerusalem were packed with visitors – locals and foreign tourists and the sights are absolutely beautiful.

This is the third Jerusalem Festival of Light and in previous years around 250000 people visited the festival. Apart from the light there were performances and tours and a Lighting Fair in the Cardo.

Most of the events were free, but there was a special concert on June 9th with the Jerusalem  Symphony Orchestra and a special show (twice nightly) – The Butterfly Effect (acrobatics and video art) in the Gan HaBonim (near the Old City Ramparts) which had admission charges.

The Butterfly Effect was a stunning acrobatic performance conducted on the side of the Old City Ramparts (they use the wall as the stage) – the acrobats are amazing and the production is boosted by the video effects and live music. The story is a simple one of a long standing war between the Empire of Light and the Empire of Darkness and  how it is eventually resolved. The story is narrated during the performance but it probably isn’t needed and the show can certainly be enjoyed without the story. Simply one of the best shows we have seen.


The Jerusalem Festival of Light promises to be a spectacular and popular summer event in the Old City of Jerusalem.


Photos can be seen at Jerusalem Light Festival & the Butterfly Effect