Jerusalem Voted as an International Travel Destination

The travel site TripAdvisor has awarded its Travelers’ Choice 2011 Travelers’ Choice 2011 awards and placed Jerusalem in 13th place. Overall Cape Town was placed first and Jerusalem was placed higher than many famous cities such as Venice, Florence, Prague and San Francisco. This award for Jerusalem follows the recent Lonely Planet award to Tel Aviv. Clearly, Israel is a great place to visit.

Whether you are visiting Jerusalem or Tel Aviv – try and leave some time to visit the Galilee and Golan in the North and Eilat, the Negev & the Dead Sea  in the South.

Congratulations to Jerusalem!

About TripAdvisor and TripAdvisor Awards – what are they and how can a tourist destination or establishment earn a spot there?

TripAdvisor is a US-based travel company, whose website and mobile app encourage users to gather travel information, post reviews and opinions on travel-related content and engage in interactive travel-related forums. TripAdvisor is actually one of the first companies that adopted “user-generated content,” which means users are allowed to create its own content by posting reviews and engaging in forums, etc. Users are free to create their own account on their website and mobile app.

It’s no secret that TripAdvisor is the biggest free travel guide website in the world. Most people look to TripAdvisor for travel reviews and recommendations posted from the users themselves, based on their actual experiences.

TripAdvisor has over 200 million users around the world — imagine such a huge audience and unbelievable traffic! With the immense power that TripAdvisor has, millions of travelers trust and rely on TripAdvisor as their guide. When a resort, a restaurant, or any other tourist destination earns high votes from TripAdvisor users, it means that the establishment will be able to bolster a cycle of trust among the owners, existing guests, and future potential travelers from all over the world.

When the establishment earns and nurtures these accolades from the TripAdvisor Awards, they will be able to maintain that cycle of trust. And of course, with such awards, these establishments have the potential to receive significantly more tourists and in turn, earn significantly higher profits.

The Travelers’ Choice Award is the highest honor that TripAdvisor can bestow. Established in 2002, the Travelers’ Choice Award recognizes the very best and finest tourist destinations and establishments from all over the world, based on the reviews and opinions from its millions of users. In order to be awarded by the TripAdvisor, a tourist establishment must rank high in terms of service, quality, customer satisfaction and a lot more.

These categories are split for each region and these include beaches, landmarks, destinations on the rise, hotels, restaurants, and other tourist sites and attractions.

If your establishment (such as a hotel or the entire resort) wins the top spot in a particular category, then a fabulous news for you! But in case that you don’t end up at the top spot, you’ll still be able to capitalize, indirectly, from the existing winners. Perhaps you’re just a few blocks away from TripAdvisor’s best restaurant, or only a hundred meters away from TripAdvisor’s best beaches. But you have to make sure that your existing and potential guests are aware of this. If your clients are happy staying in your hotel or dining at your restaurant, there’s a very good chance that they will leave a positive review about your establishment on TripAdvisor. You just need to make sure that your service, food, cleanliness, good ambiance, etc., are always top-notch to generate consistently happy and satisfied customer reviews.