Ariel Sharon Profile

Cropped picture of Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon was an Israeli general and politician who served as the 11th prime minister of Israel (2001 – 2006). His public and political life was marked by brilliant and controversial military achievements and political policies. Before entering politics, Sharon had a long military career, first serving for the Haganah and then … Read more

Naftali Bennett Profile

cropped photo of Naftali Bennett, smiling

Israel’s 13th and current Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, has been in politics since 2006. By profession, he is a software and tech entrepreneur. After four elections in only two years, and with Israel getting stuck in an agonizing stalemate, Bennett seemed unable to reach the power of Israeli politics. He failed to … Read more

Top Military Museums in Israel

former Syrian MiG-23 at the IAF Museum

You cannot imagine the history of Israel as complete without its military. Not only is the military integral to Israel’s history and existence as a state, but it has also played a huge role in the country’s economy, politics, and culture. Tiny Israel is considered one of the world’s strongest armies. Its … Read more

Shimon Peres – Profile

Shimon Peres was one of the longest-serving and most distinguished politicians in Israel, having been active in politics for more than half a century. Peres was the first person in Israel to have served both as Prime Minister (1984 – 1986 and 1995 – 1996) and President (2007 – 2014). He represented … Read more

Yitzhak Rabin – Profile

portrait of Yitzhak Rabin

Yitzhak Rabin was a politician, statesman, and general who was the fifth Prime Minister of Israel. He was the first native-born prime minister, the second prime minister to die while in office, and the first prime minister in the country to be assassinated. Rabin served in this position for two terms – … Read more

David Ben-Gurion – Israel’s founding father

black and white photo of David Ben-Gurion

David Ben-Gurion was the principal founder of the State of Israel and the nation’s first Prime Minister and Defense Minister (1948 – 1953, 1955 – 1963). A lifelong advocate of Zionism, he became a prominent Zionist leader and served as the executive head of the World Zionist Organization (1946). Ben-Gurion delivered Israel’s … Read more

Caesarea Golf Club – Israel’s First and Only Premier Golf Club

white and purple golf shoes, golf club and golf ball on a golf course lawn

With its pleasant Mediterranean climate and diverse natural scenery, Israel would easily make an ideal golfing destination. But you may have known the reality, right?  Israel has never been exactly known as a golfing hub, most likely because the sport is relatively new in the country. At the moment, Israel has the … Read more

Pesach Sheni – The Second Passover

lambs sitting on the grassland

Pesach Sheni is a Jewish holiday that occurs every 14th of Iyar. Iyar is the eighth month of the civil year and the second month of the ecclesiastical year in the Hebrew calendar. Iyar usually falls between April and May on the Gregorian calendar. Pesach Sheni occurs exactly a month after the … Read more

Menachem Begin Profile

Menachem Begin speaking in public, with microphones in front

Menachem Begin was the sixth Prime Minister of Israel (from 1977 to 1983). He was also the recipient of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize, which he shared with the President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, for their achievement of signing a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979. Early life, education and … Read more

Israel National Trail

a group of hikers in an open sandy area

For weather-beaten but indefatigable trekkers, they should put the Israel National Trail on their bucket list. While the Israel National Trail may not obviously be the world’s longest hiking trail, it is guaranteed to be an epic one, for sure! Hiking in the Holy Land is the dream of every trekker. The … Read more