Summer Events in Jerusalem

is organizing an amazingly busy summer; packed with many different events. The Jerusalem scene has something to offer almost everybody. Jerusalem is definitely the place to be – so whether you are visiting Israel or live locally and are just planning a few days away come and spend some time in Jerusalem.

Here are some of IsraelInsideOut’s favorite events – come back and check frequently as we update with more Jerusalem Summer Events.


Hutzot Hayotzer – Jerusalem International Arts & Crafts Fair

Hutzot Hayotzer has become a regular feature of the Jerusalem summer scene for over 30 years. The main focus is on the Hutzot Hayotzer area just down from Jaffa Gate and below the Old City Ramparts. This is a beautiful corner of Jerusalem that is often sadly missed in the hustle and bustle of a tourist’s day, but comes to the front during the last two weeks of August.

There are many different exhibitions and performances (for adults and children) and the international pavilion is playing host to almost artists from almost 40 different countries. There will also be a substantial Israeli artist representation at the Hutzot Hayotzer, working in a variety of different medium and techniques.

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Hutzot Hayotzer – when and where?

Hutzot Hayotzer is a 12-day event that takes place at the Sultan’s Pool area every August.

See also the Chutzot HaYozer – Jerusalem International Arts & Crafts Fair 2011 Website

Jerusalem International Young People’s Parties

Over the course of the summer there will be a series of major concerts, street parties and even a mass dinner in the center of Jerusalem. At IsraelInsideOut we are most curious about the beach parties that will be held on an artificial beach built with 80 tons of imported sand by the Old City. The artificial beach idea has been successful elsewhere in the world – notably Paris — and we look forward to Jerusalem’s version.

Unfortunately the website is only available in Hebrew but there is probably enough information with pictures and English slogans to allow you to check out the basics. See Jerusalem Young People’s Website


Safra Square

Safra Square (Kikar Safra) is the large concourse in front of the Jerusalem Municipality. Over the past few years it has also turned into one of the main places for events in Jerusalem – frequently hosting some trendy temporary event. This summer Safra Square usually hosts some local and international musicians in free Thursday night concerts.

Despite the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Safra Square re-opened in September 2020 as a new “coronavirus-safe” concert venue, allowing concerts and performances to return after several months of being prohibited. This square will be able to host events attended by up to 600 people.

The Tower of David Night Spectacular

The Tower of David Museum is one of our favorite sites in Jerusalem – packed with great views, lots of history and surprises – there is something for almost everybody at the Tower of David.

The Tower of David regularly runs their popular sound and light shows every summer – a unique multi-media experience for all the family, covering 4,000 years of Jerusalem’s history in only 45 minutes. The technology employed is new and the Tower of David Night Spectacular is one of the largest light shows in the world projecting in 3D on the actual walls of David’s Citadel.


Concerts at Sultan’s Pool

Sultan’s Pool below the Old City Ramparts is one of Jerusalem’s most magical spots. The views are amazing – the air cool (sometimes even chilly) and it makes for a magical atmosphere for evening concerts. As this is at the edge of the Hinom Valley (Gei Ben Hinon in Hebrew or Gehenom) it is not every day that you can go to a concert by the entrance to hell.

This summer there is a series of concerts by some of the leading names in contemporary Jewish & Israeli music. There is a concert almost every night in the last 2 weeks of August. Check out Sultan’s Pool Concerts

If you have a spare evening in Jerusalem and want to try something different – go to a Sultan’s Pool Concert.