Jerusalem Anemones

Anemones or Calaniyot (Hebrew) are always one of the first signs of spring in Israel and are greeted with great excitement.

They are common in north and central regions of Israel. They can be even found in the edges of the desert in the south. The same species of anemone can be found Turkey, Greece, and throughout the Middle East.

Anemone is one of the most beautiful flowers in Israel. It comes in many different types that you can see them planted any time of the year, not just during the spring season. For instance, there is one specie of anemone that is usually grown and planted during the autumn.

Among the many flowers grown in Israel, the anemone is one of the flower that have an unusual meaning that are identified as dying or forsaken love, illness, and fading hope, unlike other flowers that connotations of freshness, beauty, and love.

There are three types of anemone grown in Israel:

  • Spring type – it basically grows during the spring time and may usually has tubers or rhizomes.
  • Summer and spring type – it is Mediterranean-type tuberous anemone that can bloom in both summer and spring.
  • Late summer and fall type – it is a type of anemone that can grow in the late summer or fall, and usually has fibrous roots.

Here are some pictures of anemones in Israel during the spring:


man taking a photo of red flowers