Jerusalem Winter Wonderland – Snow in Jerusalem


Jerusalem (or the entire Israel for that matter) isn’t known for snowy winters. However, in recent years major snow storms and overall inclement weather can brought practical inconveniences and headaches.

After a week of very atypical winter storms all over Israel with sandstorms, fierce winds, huge amounts of rain (and sadly flooding) – snow finally arrived in Jerusalem late on January 9th. Jerusalemites woke on January 10th to a white winter wonderland.

Most of the roads inside Jerusalem were impassable (not that it stopped many from trying!) and for a while it was also very difficult to enter or leave the city.

But since the snow storm doesn’t happen every year, Jerusalemites, kids and adults alike, took the rare opportunity to have fun in the snow. They are playing snow fights, building snowmen, mini-igloos and other snow sculptures, and sledding. The video below shows how locals and tourists revel in the winter wonderland in Jerusalem.

But the chance to see Jerusalem, including the Old City, Yad Vashem, and the Israel Museum, covered in snow, the entire scene turned magical. The sights are truly priceless.


Jerusalem is always a beautiful city and a huge coating of the white stuff only adds to Jerusalem’s natural charm.

Enjoy the photos of Snow in Jerusalem – A Winter Wonderland