Jerusalem Open Spaces

If you are looking for large spaces to run around and let off steam in Jerusalem then there are some good options available.

Jerusalem, beside being one of the holiest city in the world, is also a family-friendly city. It is home to numerous parks created specifically for children of all ages and for the whole family. These open and relaxing spaces are great places for respites after all the walking and touring several important tourist sites of the city, or after a tiring day at the office.

One of the crowd favorites is the stretch behind the King David Hotel (running from the French Consulate past the Monetfiore Windmill down to the Begin Center). It has a shady area under some tall trees and some of the most spectacular viewpoints over the Old City.

It is a great place for the adults to relax and take in the views and the children to run around; although in absolute terms the only ready made activity is hide and seek; but bring along a ball, frisbee, cricket set and you are set up for an hour or two of downtime. This area is readily accessible from the main hotels, or at the end of an Old City touring day. If you want to stretch your legs then you can explore the nearby gardens, Yemin Moshe & Mishkenanot Shananim.

Just across the road is Liberty Bell park (down the hill from the King David stretch) which is also popular – a real playground, outdoor cooking, sports and a fun place to be.

Gilo Park is also a good option — it’s always shaded with numerous trees, providing the perfect place to cool off and to have some peaceful moments, especially during the punishing summer heat. Of course, the park offers something for the kids and people with more active lifestyles — a playground, hiking trails, a basketball court, and a bicycle trail. There is also an observation point (pictured)

The San Simon Park (Gan San Simon) is another big park in Jerusalem, located on the Katamon neighborhood. For the dog-lovers in particular, you can take your pooch to the gated dog garden of the park The vast grassy lawns, beautiful winding roads and walking paths and lots of foliage provide the perfect place for rest and relaxation. It also has a basketball court and a table tennis. Kids will enjoy playing in one of the park’s three playgrounds.

Another good option is Independence Park at the back of the Sheraton Plaza Hotel with access from Agron Street and stretching towards the center of town. Large spaces to run around; a good coffee shop for refueling on the way. Independence Park is a natural short cut near down town offering a few minutes to relax after an intensive shop and eat session.

If you are out by the Israel and Bible Land Museums then a good option is Emek HaMatzleva & Gan Sacher  – a pleasant walk (near the olive trees and Monestry of the Cross) and then one of Jerusalem’s largest parks.

All of these sites are wheelchair accessible.

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