The Souk

The famous Old City souk (also known as Arab Souk) is a large marketplace with about 800 merchants operating a variety of businesses in closely packed stalls along a network of narrow streets and alleyways. These shops are mostly concentrated in the Muslim and Christian quarters in the north part of the Old City.

The Souk is an incredibly bustling taste of the orient. It is more than just a one-stop place to buy everything you want. It is also meeting point of cultures, religion, spices, foods and tourist goods. So wander and get lost in a labyrinth of spice, food, clothes, decorative items, and handmade jewelry stores in this souq, which will instantly remind one of an Arabian Nights scene.


Muslim Quarter, Damascus Gate or Christian Quarter, Jaffa Gate in the Old City, Jerusalem

Here are some pictures of the Old City souk:

Old City Souk, Jerusalem
Typical daily scene at the Old City Souk (Arab Souk)
Golden lights illuminating an closed alleyway
The Old City Souk at night — closed stalls.
Old City Souk, Jerusalem (in black and white)
Old City Souk, Jerusalem (in black and white shot)

Old City Souk, Jerusalem
Arab boy buying (or perhaps selling) candy in the souk in the Cotton Merchant’s Market
Old City Souk, Jerusalem
A stall selling clothes and Star of David lanterns
Old City Souk, Jerusalem
Colorful display of wares at the Old City Souk
Old City Souk, Jerusalem
Colorful display of wares on David Street, Old City Souk