Unwinding in Jerusalem

Like many other big cities in the world, being in Jerusalem can be quite stressful. Fortunately, you can find many ways and places to relax, unwind, and put all your cares away for the moment. Here are some ideas for things to help you Relax in Jerusalem (in no particular order)

Have a coffee (or a meal) on Emek Refaim

Stroll down the main street, choose your cafe and then go for a wander through some of the streets of the German Colony or Bakaa. Efek Refaim — the German Colony, that is — was once one of the hottest hangout spots in Jerusalem. Although it has lost its erstwhile fanfare to the nearby First Station and Derect Belt Lechem, it has still retained its reputation as one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods.

The robust cafe and kosher scene is still very much alive on Emek Refaim. You can find establishments that serve international menu as well, apart from Israeli cuisine. See Hanging Out in Emek Refaim

Jerusalem of Gold

Catch the sunset from the Israel Museum as the golden rays shine on the buildings of Rehavia turning them into pure gold.

Parks and nature attractions

There are lots of parks and natural attractions in Jerusalem, so it’s up to you which ones to choose. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Gan Sacher (Sacher Park) – one of the largest parks and recreational areas in Jerusalem. It has a large playground, a running track, an outdoor exercise machine area, basketball and soccer courts, drinking fountains and also dedicated areas for barbecue (also, a perfect place to have a picnic and open bottle of wine). Or you can just sit and lie down at the open grassland, relax, and let time pass.
  • Wohl Rose Park – another public garden in the city, located opposite the Knesset and government precinct, at the foot of Israeli Supreme Court. If you love roses, delight your senses by the sight and smell of these blooms. It is the only rose park in the Middle East.
  • Teddy Park – it is located opposite Jerusalem’s Old City and David’s Citadel. Its most famous feature is the splash fountain that orchestrates animated water, lighting, and sounds, which can be appreciated the most during nighttime. It also provides a perfect place for a splash, especially when things get really scorching. So throw away your cares, let it all out and have a fun splash at the fountains!
  • Jerusalem Botanical Gardens – lots of greenery abound in this nature attraction! It also houses a conservatory for tropical plants. There is also a cafe at the bank of the lake.

Also check out Emek HaMatzleva & Open Spaces for some more ideas.

The other way to see the Tayelet

Take some time to enjoy the view. The Tayelet Haas Promenade that provides a breathtaking view of the city. See Relaxing on the Tayelet for more details

Jerusalem neighborhoods

Wander through some of the classic Jerusalem neighborhoods – Rehavia, German Colony, Shaarei Chesed, Yemin Moshe, and Eim Kerem.

Gazelle Valley

Gazelle Valley is named after a herd of about 55 gazelles that live and roam freely in this area, a first-of-a-kind “urban nature” in Israel, as the 200-dunam plot of land is situated in the heart of the city. Aside from providing a natural habitat for wildlife, it also has natural and man-made ponds, two streams, observation posts, and a man-made island. Guided tours are available.

Clore Promenade

Located in Rehavia (Saadya Gaon street) with a commanding view of the Knesset, Israel Museum and the south of Jerusalem.

For the sake of Jerusalem

Explore the long ridge behind the King David Hotel. Start at St Andrew’s Church and the lookout points of the Hinom Valley and Mount Olives, (the Begin Center), work your way up past the Windmill, Yemin Moshe, and explore the look out points by the French Consulate (along Paul Botta Street) See Montefiore’s Windmill & Viewpoint

Take the 99

This is the round Jerusalem bus tour. The Egged Bus 99 route is made specifically for tourists in Jerusalem. The double-decker bus has 29 stops, from the Central Bus Station to the Supreme Court in Israel. Hop on and off and enjoy the views!  See The 99 Bus

Swim for it!

Either at your hotel or check out Swimming Pools for other locations.

Nahalat Shiva

Nahalat Shiva is one of the Jerusalem neighborhoods to be founded outside the Old City walls. It is a “courtyard neighborhood”, because it consists of mostly one-story structures enjoying a common courtyard. These courtyards are ideal places for people to meet and chat, and for children to play.

There are numerous restaurants and cafes in this historic zone of downtown. Enjoy a cup of coffee or have food trip at any of the restaurants that serve Israeli and other international cuisines.

Russian Compound

The Russian Compound is one of the oldest sections in Jerusalem. One of the highlights of this district is a large and striking Russian Orthodox church, the Holy Trinity Church. It is also the home of central police station, law courts, and the soon-to-be-completed 37,100-square meter new campus for the Belazel Academy of Arts and Sciences. There are also several hostels for tourists and pilgrims. There is also a happening bar zone in downtown