Manara Cliff Views

If you’re visiting Safed and the surrounding area, one of the great places to go to is the Manara Cliff. It is located in a kibbutz in Etzba Hagalil, also called Manara, and rises above the Hulah Valley and the Galilee Panhandle (or Galilee Finger in Hebrew).

Since Manara Cliff opened to tourists, it has been enjoying over one million visitors from Israel and around the world. Whether you are a fan of extreme sports or you just want to do a lot of sight-seeing, Manara Cliff has something for everyone. Happily, despite the large volume of tourists that Manara Cliff receives every year, the natural beauty of the area has remained pretty much the same.

cable cars

Cable car ride in the Manara Cliff

The Manara Cliff is home to the famous cable car, which takes visitors to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the landscape below them. The views of the Manara Cliff and surrounding areas are so stunning, and the cable cars provides an additional attraction, providing visitors to kick up one’s feet, relax, and appreciate the Israeli landscape.

The cable car runs from the southern foothills of Kiryat Shemona to the top of the Natfali range at Kibbutz Manara. The total measurement is 1,940 meters, making it the longest cable car in the entire Israel. It reaches an altitude of 750 meters. It has a total of twelve cars, each of which has the capacity of up to eight people. The cable car facility transports up to 350 people per hour.

Manara Cliff as a vast “adventure park”

For lovers of hiking, extreme sports and the like, Manara Cliff is a haven. Whether they are individuals, families, amateurs or professionals, Manara Cliff has something for everyone.

Many outdoor activities and extreme sports at Manara Cliff are many and varied. There are activities, such as climbing, rappelling, and zip line, that set your pulses racing and adrenaline pumping. The mountain slides are some of the area’s latest attractions — while they also provide a heart-stopping fun while descending the mountain, the slides are also considered safe for the entire family

On the other hand, there are activities that are more leisurely, allowing one to slow down the passing of time, breath fresh air and just appreciate the beauty of nature.

person sitting on a bench overlooking a misty landscape
Sunrise in the Manara cliff site, with the misty Hula valley below

Visitors enjoy the breathtaking, otherworldly sights of the Galilee, the Golan Heights, the Hermon Mountains and the Hula Valley and tour around the Mediterranean groves.

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