Ramon Crater Album

The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon) is a spectacular phenomena in the Negev desert and a part of the Ramon Nature Reserve — the largest national park in Israel. It can be viewed from above where a small museum provides the geological background together with some fossils. There is a great view from the museum roof and also further along the cliff edge from the lookout point. It is a spectacular view. You can also drive down into the crater and explore further (expert advice are urged before setting out on foot).

The only settlement in the area is Mitzpe Ramon (Mizpe Ramon, which means “Ramon Lookout” in Hebrew), situated on the northern edge of the depression.

Here are some Ramon Crater photos in this album:

an aerial view of the desert
The Ramon Craters, Negev Desert, southern Israel
A pile of stones at Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater)
wide panorama of land depressions
Wide panorama shot of Ramon Crater
two goats on top of the mountain
Nubian ibex on the edges of Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater)

deserts in Israel
View of Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater) from the west
Animal, Mitzpe Ramon, Goat, Horns, Hooves, Desert
Nubian ibex grazing in Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater)
deserts in Israel
Sandy hexagonal prisms at the center of Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater)
mollusk in the sand
An ammonite in the Ammonite Wall, Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater)