Drip Irrigation: Israel’s Water Miracle to the World

Drip Irrigation

Israel is one of the leading names when it comes to farming and irrigation practices. Up to this day, it has continued developing technologies and solutions to address an array of challenges that other farmers face around the world. One of Israel’s most significant contributions to the world is drip irrigation. It … Read more

Israeli Inventions – The History of Waze

Waze logo

Way back then, getting from one place to another place wasn’t always a breeze. Drivers would often look down at their maps or pull over to ask any local or bystander for road directions. And it would be even worse if drivers became unfortunate victims of a traffic jam that got them … Read more

Israeli Inventions: The Capsule Endoscopy – The Camera Inside Your Belly

an endoscopic capsule measured by a ruler

If you’re having stomach pains that have become more persistent and a bit more severe than usual, you’d go to your gastroenterologist. Usually, the gastroenterologist uses an endoscope – a long, flexible shaft equipped with a tiny camera and special lighting at the tip – to visually examine your upper digestive system.  … Read more

How Did Israel Become a Start-Up Nation?

Man in a business suit holding a tablet, with background a business district and superimposed with hexagon images

When people think of Israel, initial perceptions vary a lot. It’s usually considered as the cradle of humanity and part of the Holy Land. And you think the country is still stuck with its biblical past. But Israel is also dubbed the “Start-up Nation,” and for a good reason. It has a … Read more

Introduction to Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification and Its Exams

Introduction to Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification and Its Exams

During Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, several new certification programs were introduced, including CCNP Enterprise. This credential became available for the Cisco professionals on February 24, 2020. What is Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification? New CCNP Enterprise is a certification track that revolves around enterprise networking solutions. Obtaining this professional-level credential verifiesone’s … Read more