Introduction to Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification and Its Exams

During Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, several new certification programs were introduced, including CCNP Enterprise. This credential became available for the Cisco professionals on February 24, 2020.

What is Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification?

New CCNP Enterprise is a certification track that revolves around enterprise networking solutions. Obtaining this professional-level credential verifiesone’s knowledge of this field. It is designed to help the Cisco specialists prove their skills in the ever-evolving landscape of network enterprise technologies. This certificate covers the core technologies as the first and main part of the program and a focus area of your own choice. After covering these core technologies as part of the path, you are allowed to choose exactly where you would like to focus on. You choose in which direction you want to develop your IT career.

What are the particular features of Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification?

This new certification path is made up of one core exam and a number of concentration tests. Thus, to earn Cisco CCNA Practice Test – 200-301 – Devnet Associate 200-901  – A+ Security+ CCNP CCIE Enterprise  Enterprise, the students must pass both of them. First of all, you have to pass the core exam. Secondly, you will have to sit for one of the concentration tests of your own choice depending on where you want to take your career. After passing two required exams, you will be awarded your CCNP Enterprise.

The core exam is known as 350-401 ENCOR. It focuses mainly on the candidates’ knowledge of enterprise infrastructure, including security, automation, dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, network assurance, virtualization, and infrastructure.Besides being the qualifying test for CCNP Enterprise, it is also the prerequisite exam for CCIE Enterprise. So, passing this certification test helps any candidate obtain these two credentials. The training course recommended for Cisco 350-401 is Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies.It is vital to know that it is offered online by Cisco.

What concentration exams does Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification offer?

After passing certbolt Cisco 350-401 ENCOR, the next step is to choose which concentration test to take. These exams focus mainly on emerging topics and industry-specific domains, such as Wireless, Automation, Network Design, and SD-WAN. You can prepare for any concentration test by taking the corresponding training courses. All in all, there are six examsto choose from. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. 300-410 ENARSI (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services)

Available in English and Japanese, this exam validates the students’ knowledge of troubleshooting and implementing advanced routing as well as services, including infrastructure automation, infrastructure services, VPN services, and Layer 3. The test lasts 90 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • Layer 3 Technologies;
  • Infrastructure Security;
  • Infrastructure Services;
  • Infrastructure Security.

2. 300-415 ENSDWI (Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions)

This is a 90-minute concentration exam that evaluates your knowledge of the Cisco SD-WAN solution, including policies, management and operations, security, SD-WAN architecture, edge router deployment, multicast, quality of service, and controller deployment.This certification testcovers 6 topics:

  • Architecture;
  • Security and Quality of Service;
  • Management and Operations;
  • Policies;
  • Router Deployment;
  • Deployment of Controller.

3. 300-420 ENSLD (Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks)

This exam is also provided in the English and Japanese languages and takes an hour and a half to complete all the questions. It confirms that you have knowledge of enterprise design, including network services, SDA, security services, advanced addressing with routing solutions, and advanced enterprise campus networks. All in all, the objectives of this test areas follows:

  • Advanced Addressing and Routing Solutions;
  • WAN for Enterprise Networks;
  • Automation;
  • Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks;
  • Network Services.

4. 300-425 ENWLSD (Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks)

This certification test is all about verifyingthe learners’ knowledge level of network design. It checkstheirskills in working with site surveys, WLAN high availability, wired and wireless infrastructure, and mobility. The time allocated for this examis also 90 minutes, and it is provided in Japanese andEnglish.The testcomes withthe followingdomains:

  • Mobility;
  • Wired and Wireless Infrastructure;
  • WLAN High Availability;
  • Wireless Site Survey.

5. 300-430 ENWLSI (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks)

This examis also provided in English and Japanese and has to be completed in 90 minutes. It evaluates whether you have the relevant skills to implement wireless networks or not. The test revolves mainly around thefollowing subjects:

  • Monitoring;
  • Security for Wireless Client Connectivity;
  • Device Hardening;
  • FlexConnect;
  • Location Services;
  • Multicast;
  • Advanced Location Services;
  • QoS on a Wireless Network.

6. 300-435 ENAUTO (Implementing Automationfor Cisco Enterprise Solutions)

This is the last optionon a list of six concentration exams. Just like other tests in this category, it also takes 90 minutes to complete andis offered in Japaneseand English. This examevaluates whether the applicants have the skills to implement enterprise automated solutions or not. For this certification test, you will need to ace the following topic areas:

  • Network Programmability Foundation;
  • Network Device Programmability;
  • Cisco SD-WAN;
  • Cisco Meraki;
  • Automate APIs and Protocols;
  • Cisco DNA Center.


As you can see, the CCNP Enterprise certification pathway provides you with all the required job-focused and real-world skills in the key areas that are currently in demand. The credential validates the knowledge you need to excel in your IT job. That is why it is so popular among the candidates. So why not become one of the specialists by pursuing this certificate?  And when you need some down time be sure to enjoy great options like paypal casinos.